Your Uniquely You Fashion Update: 4-Parts to Professional Image Success

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"Enhance your own personal and professional image for success, "says Claudia Cooley. Photo by Becky Abell.

By Claudia Cooley

The journey to enhance your own personal and professional image for success really is simple. To embrace four basic areas to enrich not only how you feel about yourself, but also how you communicate who you really are to the world… can take you on an adventure. Here are some things you can explore and give a thoughtful eye to.


Determine your own personal style. Photo by Bartekwardziak.

Determine what your best colors are and how the colors you wear not only influence how you feel about yourself, but also, how others relate to you. Did you know that you have colors that empower you and your image and colors that relax you and support a peaceful state? Others allow you to look wonderful while exuding vitality and energy. Then giving consideration to the non-colors, yes there are non-colors, the ones we call neutrals and basic colors i.e., black, brown, navy, taupe, camel, beige; you will want to pick these to enhance the “colors you are wearing.” You don’t want to create an icky clash.


Create a wardrobe you love. Photo by Fred Goldstein.


Another area to consider is going on a discovery to determine what your figure needs and considerations are and then dressing to look as tall and thin as possible, while always keeping proportion in mind. Dressing with this knowledge will give you the chance to always look good in what you wear.


Next, will be determining your own personal style. For years I dressed how my mother taught me. I was about 32 years old before I realized my mom was dressing me in styles and colors that looked amazing on her. My clue should have been when she was telling me my eyes were blue… my eyes are green. Wear your personal style like a badge of honor… in expressing who you are on the inside, people will compliment you right and left.

Lastly, it’s taking these tools and creating a wardrobe you love. My clothes fit in 27″ of closet space and I have too many clothes. I’ve done this for years and I have so much fun picking what I’m going to wear each day and never get bored. Yay!

I’m so excited for you as you start to explore your possibilities. Soon, I will be interviewing a New York Fashion Celebrity and sharing that story with you. Off to New York. Have a great week.

Claudia Cooley, Contributing Editor for The Scoop L.A.



Some colors enrich not only how you feel about yourself, but also how you communicate who you really are to the world. Photo by Fred Goldstein.


Your identity can be projected by your own personal sense of style. Photo by Gary Pepper Vintage.

Whether it's a funky look or a conservative look, what you wear conveys your image to the world. Photo by Gary Pepper Vintage.

Casual Business Fashion. Photo by Becky Abell.

Claudia Cooley. Photo by Raul Lozano.

Claudia Cooley is the Fashion Editor of The Scoop LA, where she will interview highly successful, leading experts in the fashion field to give a close and personal look at their attitudes about image, success, and living a uniquely expressed life. For more information about Claudia Cooley and ways her programs can impact your success, vibrancy and life, visit:

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