No Missteps in This Evening of Faux Pas

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Cover Photo- Faux Pas Bistro's vintage sign. Inside photo- Faux Pas Bistro's simple, but effective interior design.

Restaurant Review

By Greg Thompson

April 30, 2012- Upon approaching the Faux Pas Bistro, one can’t help noticing the very well done ‘faux vintage’ sign. Manager Jessica Davis met us at the door and pointed out more faux retro touches inside. But there’s nothing faux about the full bistro length aprons on the snappy wait staff. Nor is there any faux food.

Lately we’ve been to a lot of events where plates appear with something that looks like sliders (mini-burgers) or mini-pizzas. Invariably they’re lukewarm at best and flavorless, the results of freezer and microwave technology? So forgive us for .subconsciously anticipating the same at the press event introducing Faux Pas Bistro on Third Street.

What a nice surprise- the sliders were juicy, hot and bursting with medium rare flavor of a blend of premium ground meats. The medium-well patty was also juicy. Chef Oz Ramuco even made a special plate of medium-well sliders for the guests that were coveting mine.

The Margherita Pizzette Sous Chef Ramses Walker brought from the kitchen was a surprising burst of flavor: Marinara Pesto on a flavorful crust. Several of us remarked that we don’t even like olives but the lone olive on the Magherita was divine. The Blanc was equally tasty, topped with artichokes and white truffle oil

I had expected a lot from our first taste. Mercedes Barba served bites of sashimi grade tuna tartare with fennel roasted bell peppers, shallots and chives on a Belgian endive. It delivered !

So did the Croque Monsieur lollipop (savory lollipops seem to be the rage these past few years). I’ve enjoyed traditional Croque Monsieur from Paris to Toronto to Tokyo (kuroku misuru). Like the best of them this breaded lolli filled with ham (Black Forest) and melted Gruyere Cheese brought out by Kenya was perfected by the addition of Creme Béchamel.

The finale was Tiramisu tasters for dessert, which was an Italian classic with a twist.

Faux Pas has a very well chosen wine and beer list. It also features a full bar.

Faux Pas Bistro also has a very well chosen wine and beer list, mimosas, rum punch and a full bar. From the start, our very knowledgeable bartender Don was on it. He said they didn’t want to have the ‘same old’ as he poured a crisp, clean St Supery Napa Sauvignon Blanc. Great nose and fruit and citrus notes that contributed to the good acid balance and finish.

Another rarity these days, a spicy fruity off dry Alsatian Gewurtzraminer. Alsace is a part of France that has often been a controlled by Germanic peoples. So the wines are German style like Gewurtz and Riesling with brand names like Hugel and Trimbach.

The house red is unique as well, a very approachable velvety cabernet/merlot blend made by Gerard. Full bodied with great fruit, it’s called Flirt and has an abstract artsy image of a flirtatious lady on the label.

A few very well chosen tap beers include a very hoppy IPA (India Pale Ale), the popular Blue Moon and, rarely seen this far from the Bay area, Anderson Valley’s Boont Amber Ale!

The bar definitely has a fine match for any of the many great dishes on their menu!!! We recommend Faux Pas- they had very little, if any missteps as an eatery.

Faux Pas' private area- great for business meeting or gatherings.

Faux Pas Bistro

7910 W. 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 951-9959 

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