Film Festival Week-Rich Rossi of NYIFF Has A Basic Message

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Cover Photo-Rich Rossi(R) in an interview on the carpet at Confidential in Beverly Hills. Photo by Jeff Knight. Inside Photo-Rich Rossi (R).

Beverly Hills, CA -Film Festival Week LA was held April 11-19 in Hollywood, CA. The event was comprised of four unique film events and featured a wide array of films, webisodes and TV programs from all over the globe, exclusively at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave, Hollywood (Chaplin Building). Festival Week LA had their opening night kick-off party at Confidential. Organizers programmed selections for ITN Distribution Film & Webisode Festival; LA Film, TV & Webisode Festival; Independent Film Quarterly Film & Webisode Festival and the New York International Film Festival (NYIFF).

“The NY International Film Festival is like the Roger Korman of film festivals,” said Rich Rossi of NYIFF on opening night. “We give every filmmaker an opportunity to show their work, exhibit and possibly win awards to kickstart their career.” The Festival featured a variety of film genres and made a splash in Los Angeles. “We have lots of various awards, we have audience awards, we have sci-fi awards and individual awards for different catagories-we give a lot of opportunities for a lot of people to give that encouragement. I consider it a very positive reinforcement for people who are just starting out in this business to give them an opportunity to excel to continue with their dreams to make good movies.”

Among Rossi’s favorite films of the Festival was “Meet Your Time.” ‘It’s a great film with Jason Alexander, it’s 25 minutes and I’m very proud of that film.”

Rossi, who has seen his share of adversity, knows what it takes to achieve, a basic, but simple message. “Don’t ever, ever, give up on your dream,” said Rich Rossi, ever the optimist.

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