The Miss Universe Pagaent 2010-A Scoop LA Perspective

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Cover Photo- Judges Niki Taylor and William Baldwin with Donald Trump. Photo by Richard Harbaugh. Inside Photo-The forever beautiful Deidra Burtonelli, 1986-2010. Photo by Andre Cohen.

By Deidra Burtonelli

A victory was won for Miss Mexico on Monday at the Miss Universe Pagaent 2010, held at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The pressure was intense for 83 contestants competing for the crown of all beauty pagaent crowns before celebrity judges: Sheila E., Criss Angel, Bret Michaels, Chynna Philips, Niki Taylor, Evan Lusacek, Chazz Palminteri, William Baldwin, Tamron Hall, Jane Seymour.

“These girls have sacrificed their lives to get here. A lot of them have put a lot of years into this, so I have a responsibility to be attentive and be fair to the girls”, says illusionist Criss Angel.

Farouk Systems (sponsor of MUO and makers of hair products, CHI and BioSilk) wants viewers to look at the Miss Universe Pagaent as a platform for female leadership.

Farouk says, “I personally believe that if we had woman leadership, we would be in a better world.”

Precedented crown holder, Stefania Fernandez hopes that the next winner will be able to make as much as an impact on education around the world as she did during her reign. She continues her charity in education.

Judges Niki Taylor and William Baldwin with Donald Trump. Photo by Richard Harbaugh.

Deidra Burtonelli aka Deidra Burton Vines (R), pictured with The Scoop LA Publisher Buddy Sampson, was an outstanding writer and friend that left us too soon.


Publisher’s Note: Deidra Burtonelli aka Deidra Burton Vines, was a shooting star whose flame burned out in September of 2010. She passed away of complications due to cancer. We were so broken up at the time that we never published this story. It was very painful for us to lose such a tremendous talent, student of life and bright light. It was a short story, but she was a professional that we were proud to have work with us. When she asked us for an assignment letter to cover the Miss Universe pagaent we had no idea this would be her last story. We miss her and think about her every day. Her short body of work will live on.


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