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Kim Somers Egelsee, in her current column, speaks of how to handle fears on starting a new venture.

By Kim Somers Egelsee

QUESTION: I am very excited to begin a new business, but I am scared that I won’t get enough customers and will not do well enough to succeed. I feel that these fears are holding me back from taking the next step. What should I do?It is a very common thing for people to feel uncertain or fearful of change, taking new steps and trying new ventures. This puts you out of your comfort zone and what is familiar. The important thing is to focus on what it is that is fueling you. What is your “why”? For example, a fitness trainer decides to open up her own gym. Her fuel is that she is passionate about fitness. Her “why” is that she wants to help others get healthy, fit and feel great, which in turn makes her feel amazing. She makes sure to turn any anxiety or fear into excitement and power. You can do this with your mind. As soon as a fearful or negative thought pops in, remind yourself of the why and the passion involved.

Another effective way is to ask for help and feedback. Go to people who have already done what you want to do and ask questions, follow them for a day, get honest feedback from them about how you are doing. Then ask five people close to you, their feedback on your new venture. These tasks help you to see yourself better, and give you the confidence needed to move forward fearlessly. Remember, positive pressure can be good. This is how you grow in life, and achieve new great things. Sometimes you need to just take action and go for it. Become a go getter. If it doesn’t work, you will know what to do differently next time. If it does, you will have the reward of success.

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