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Claudia Cooley, Fashion Editor, is the newest addition to The Scoop LA. The lovely lady brings a wealth of fashion experience to The Scoop LA and we are proud and Blessed to have her write for us. Cover photo and Inside Photos by OBD Studio Raul Lozano.

By Claudia Cooley, Fashion Editor, The Scoop LA 
“Uniquely You Life & Style Series  – is where you hear from highly successful, leading experts in the fashion field. Learn up close and personal insights into their attitudes about image, success and living a uniquely expressed life. This is where you’ll gain access to the tools and strategies for creating your own image and professional success.


Editor’s Fashion Notes

Spring always brings a readiness to move our lives into a fresh new start, to embrace life with enthusiasm to take on new adventures. As Claudia Cooley joins The Scoop L.A. staff as Fashion Editor, she is also ready for this new adventure to move each of us to a new level of success, power and self- expression.

A question we can ask is “how do successful people find their path to discover their own uniqueness and express this to the world in a powerful way?” We will be taking you on an adventure of self discovery that will not only allow you to determine your unique style, but hear from leading experts in the fashion field and learn their personal attitudes and insights into creating an image for success and living a uniquely expressed life.

You will find up-to-date advice from fashion and professional experts, as they will give you the jump-start to create a wardrobe that gives you an amazing image and powerful first impression. An Image that will yell, “Savvy and Successful,” and you won’t even have to say a word.

Thanks to the vibrant colors, silhouettes, yummy fabrics and amazing styles, we have runways filled with, we see crazy prints, bold pastels, shine with gloss fabrics, and sporty stripes. Also, the silhouettes with a slight vintage influence, peplums, lace along with the “dress” are the most important story of all. You will see everything on the racks, which we encourage you to explore. Our bigger story here at “Uniquely You…Life & Style,”   is how do we make sense of what’s on the runways and racks and what do we really want to bring home?

Through our series, as we explore the fashion updates and possibilities, we will always give you tips and strategies to actually work the newest of trends into your wardrobe, know which pieces are worth the investment and so special you will wear them to death while receiving tons of compliments. “Wow, you look great!” When you shop, you will shop with more confidence and have so much more fun doing it. Creating your style will be more effortless as we guide you to become Fashion Savvy!

February’s Special Feature-Flash Back

February is a month that celebrates Love and Romance. However, love and romance isn’t defined by one month. Nothing says “love” like pearls…

Pearls have been considered an ideal gift to communicate, “I care about you,” “I love you” and “I cherish you.” Pearls were discovered in the 7th Century B.C. and the word pearl appeared in the Fourteenth Century. Throughout every country and culture, pearls are a treasure. They have been so treasured over the centuries, that laws existed allowing only the noble and elite to wear them. Early in the 19th century, pearls were traded to buy vast properties and estates. Now, they are affordable to everyone, however, I’m asking you to still consider them as an elegant, delicate and exquisite addition to your jewelry collection.

When I was young, my father gave my mother beautiful pearls on special occasions…and today those pearls belong to me. I treasure the memories of the love that those pearls carried with them in that amazing relationship … and today when I wear them…I feel loved. My hope for you is to receive a special gift that you can treasure for a lifetime and experience the style and elegance whenever you wear your treasure.

Claudia Cooley, Fashion Editor, The Scoop LA


Claudia Cooley-Photo by OBD Studio, Raul Lozano.



Claudia Cooley is on a mission to inspire you to live your most empowered life. That’s exactly why she founded Claudia Cooley, Inc., a Professional Success and Life Enrichment company, where she provides workshops, programs and products designed to immediately expand your self esteem, heighten confidence, inspire meaningful relationships, optimize health, and give you spectacular results. As an accomplished image consultant, coach and professional consultant, she shares dynamic methods to empower you to express your unique gifts, style, dreams and hope, and in doing so, bring more happiness, fulfillment and real significance to your life. A vibrant speaker, Claudia draws upon her innate talents as an inspiring, motivational communicator delivering high energy talks to audiences everywhere. Her clients include entrepreneurs, authors, business leaders, and individuals committed to live a life they love, one that allows them to live personal excellence, and to give to others powerfully.

She is the Fashion Editor of The Scoop LA, where she will interview highly successful, leading experts in the fashion field to give a close and personal look at their attitudes about image, success, and living a uniquely expressed life.

For more information about Claudia Cooley and ways her programs can impact your success, vibrancy and life, visit: www.ClaudiaCooley.com.


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