L.A. Fashion Weekend-A Smashing Success

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Cover Photo-Alexandria Everett models an Alexis by Tal Sheyn design. Inside photo-(L) Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Fashion Designer Tal Sheyn.

The Event, At Sunset/Gower Studios, Featured Designs From Betsey Johnson, Alexis by Tal Sheyn and More

All photos by Nelson Shen

LA Fashion Weekend, (LAFW) Friday, March 16th, 2012 through Sunday, March 18th, 2012, took place at Sunset/Gower Studios and was a smash. The extravaganza, produced by Mikey Koffman, who also hosted the event, and broadcasted by KTLA TV, featured designs by Alexis by Tal Sheyn, Betsey Johnson, Ashley Brooks and more. A few celebrities were seen on the red carpet, including former supermodel Janice Dickinson, reality star Josie Goldberg, Presidential Inner Circle guru Phil Jones, models Katia Segal and Diana Butova and more. The pre-parties and after parties were amazing and made the weekend festive and fun.

L.A. Fashion Weekend Friday

By Greg Thompson

I don’t know how many people the search lights attracted and directed to Sunset Gower Studios Friday night, but the LA Fashion Week event was packed. The driveway off Sunset looked like the 405. Inside was just as crowded, but once inside the tent, the crowd flowed. It didn’t take long to get a sponsored ‘Little Black Dress’ Cherry Vodka with Coke (Cherry Cola get it?)

Waiting by the red carpet, the crowd was so beautiful, it was tough to tell who were the models. But on the runway there was no doubt. Some of the most pro-looking models I’ve ever seen were rockin’ very avant-garde, yet not outrageous designs. Everyone (present company as well) was abuzz about Betsey Johnson. When it was finally finale time we discovered that Betsey Johnson does a whole lot more than handbags.

The much anticipated after party at the Mondrion didn’t disappoint. It was supposed to be at the Skybar, which is closed until May for rehab. Due to inclement weather we were glad it was inside. The crowd from Sunset Gower filled the bar, particularly, the open bar. Actually, the sponsors products were gratis: 5 favors of Little Black Dress Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, and to keep things going, Monster energy drinks. And it wasn’t just a happy hour teaser. The sponsored drinks flowed til 1:55 am and the DJ saw to it that much of the crowd did too!

LA Fashion Weekend Saturday and Sunday

By Buddy Sampson

The Saturday show featured brands by Ashley Brooks, Saraki House of Fashion, laha Glamorous Girl and Skineez SkinCare Wear.

Unfortunately, we missed the Saturday show, due to another press commitment, but we did attend the after party and it was nothing short of fantastic. We interviewed some of the guests, and they raved about the Ashley Brooks collection. The models from the show were seen dancing at the after party and the guests of the fashion show were as impressive as the models, dressed to the nines. The upscale crowd evidently came to have a great time and everyone, including this writer, had a blast.

The Sunday show, hosted by Mikey Koffman, was also amazing. It started with models draped in orange-covered costumes and funky, techno type music, which started the evening on an exciting note. The costumes and beginning were done by Hi Fashion and their presentation was eclectic and different. Next was Alexis by Tal Sheyn. Her designs, which are designs for “The Every Day Woman” were very feminine, with varying dress lengths, from long, flowing dresses to simmering minis draped in gold fabric. Our favorite was a black mini with gold shoes. Another design that captivated was a black dress with a fur like shawl. A silver-sequinned dress was among the star pieces of her segment. Her designs were fantastic.

Lizzie Parker’s designs were featured next and her designs were classic meets new wave, with figure fitting sweater designs-a very modern look that meets classic, elegant styling.

Romeo and Juliet Couture was next and their fashions were innovative and classically elegant with shades of lace. Their designs were accessible, stunning and ranged from classical, with long dresses, to casual, with leather minis.

LA Fashion Weekend was an amazing experience and we were delighted to have been a part of it. Special thanks to Mikey Koffman for a wonderful event, Tal Sheyn and PR maven Charmaine Blake for having us at the event.


Model Diana Butova on the red carpet at the LA Fashion Weekend. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Reality Star Josie Goldberg on the red carpet at LAFW. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Designer Tal Sheyn. Photo by Nelson Shen.

This silver sequined dress by Alexis by Tal Sheyn was one of the hits of the Sunday show. Photo by Nelson Shen.

A striking blue mini-dress by Alexis by Tal Sheyn, Photo by Nelson Shen.

A sexy black mini always makes a splash. Alexis by Tal Sheyn.

This amazing white ensemble, by Lizzie Parker, is sexy, simple but elegant. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Another Lizzie Parker design. Photo by Nelson Shen.

This simple and elegant design by Lizzie Parker is casual but sexy. Photo by Nelson Shen.

This sweater design by Lizzie Parker was our favorite design from her collection. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Model Desta Graham Models a Romeo & Juliet Couture Design. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Another Gossip Girl by Romeo & Juliet original. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Another Gossip Girl by Romeo & Juliet design. Photo by Nelson Shen.

This elegant black dress was our favorite in the Gossip Girl by Romeo & Juliet collection. Photo by Nelson Shen.

This elegant look, with a purse, is perfect for an evening on the town. Gossip Girl by Romeo & Juliet. Photo by Nelson Shen.

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