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Cover Photo-Andre Gordon. The handsome actor and filmmaker will be making his mark, producing and acting in the film "Wedding Day."


The Dynamic Filmmaker Will Crash The Hollywood Filmmaking Scene 


Andre Gordon is poised to make his imprint on the annuls of Hollywood filmmaking.

The filmmaker, producer, director and actor has directed several Hollywood icons, including Desperate Housewives star Kathryn Joosten, Ed Bagley Jr. and screen icon Morgan Freeman for the movie “Wish Wizard, ” A Four Horsemen Film made to benefit children for the Make A Wish Foundation. “I never really thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be able to connect with a legend like Morgan Freeman,” said Andre Gordon, President and CEO of 4Horseman Films. “First it was really for a good cause and it was a such a great project that working with him is a dream. He’s smart, funny and smart actor and really made me feel comfortable.” The dynamic actor and filmmakers has also worked with Michael Clarke Duncan and 49ers legend Jerry Rice. “It was a privilege and a honor to work with such a football legend,” he said. “When you grow up watching these legendary figures and you grow into your profession and end up working with them, it’s a just a privilege.” As an actor, Gordon has made guest appearances in TV and film, gracing the shows “MAD-TV,” “Scrubs,” “Phineas and Ferb” and features including “Old School” and “SWAT” among others. Recently, the in-demand actor has worked with LL Cool J in the TV series “NCIS-LA” and has landed the role of Victor on ABC Family’s “Switched At Birth.”

Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Gordon is candid about the sensibilities of his Jamaican roots in film. “I was born in Jamaica, but I moved to Miami at a young age,” he said. Once a year, because family was there we’d go back and stay. So I was able to get the difference in culture between the United States and Jamaica. Pretty much Jamaicans are pretty wowed by our entertainment. Seeing the difference in culture, I wanted to be able to represent where I’m from and put that into my films.”


Speaking of films, Gordon is excited about his latest project, called “Wedding Day,” which is scheduled for release this year. “You have three stories of three different lives and they all end up at this one venue, on a wedding day,” said Gordon. “So this story is about what could go wrong and what does go wrong on a wedding day.” The cast, which includes David Koechner and C.Thomas Howell and Stephanie Drapeau captured the spirit that Gordon looked for in the film. “It was an interesting cast because as the writer and director there’s one perspective, but also being on camera gave me another perspective. So it was really hands on approach in all aspects of the film.” Andre is a huge fan of many of the big directors and producers of film. “I’m a big fan of storytelling,” said the CEO of 4Horseman Films, who is producing several other films, slated with producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis. “Some of the best storytellers are exciting in how they present their images. You look at Hitchcock and how he started, filmmaking was nowhere as advanced as it is today and the way he used foreshadowing, which is an unusual tool was nothing short of brilliant.” He also credits Clint Eastwood, and Steven Spielberg among others as influences for his craft.

The filmmaker hopes to work someday with Will Smith and a popular action and film star. “I anticipate someday working with “The Rock, (Dwayne Johnson). I’m a big fan and picture that in my mind,” he explained.

With Andre Gordon’s drive for success and body of work, expect the Producer, CEO, Actor and Director to crash the Hollywood filmmaking scene. He is one of the People You Should Know in 2012.

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