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By Kim Somers Egelsee; Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach 

QUESTION: I seem to have trouble getting focused on one thing and getting my dreams off the ground. I feel like I am running in place. What is the key to being a natural go getter that takes action toward what they want?

ANSWER: There are several things that you need to have before becoming a natural go getter. First, you must get clear about your vision for your life. This can entail going through your history and thinking of what you have been great at and passionate about. What awards did you receive? You can also take time to think about what presently makes you feel on fire, enthusiastic about life, and ready to take action. What do people tell you that you’re amazing at? It can be something that feels like play instead of work. Once you have your vision, you have clarity on what you want in your life.

The next step is to get focused. What are your intentions about the direction you want to go? Do you want to improve your position at your current job? Do you want to start a new business and be comfortable, or do you want to create a whole business chain? Get focused on the steps you need to take to get to whatever works for you.

Third, you need to develop discipline. Discipline involves making the right choices to move forward toward what you want. For example, if you decide to start your own home based business, to gain regular clients, you need to attend networking meetings, advertise on social media, and create a blog to start with. You must have the discipline to follow through with these tasks to see the positive results that come from the work. A great way to stay disciplined is to find an accountability partner to regularly talk to and keep you on track.

Finally, the last step is fulfillment. Many people are happy with what they do. The key is to become fulfilled, where you are excited to wake up every morning and get going on your dreams. This is a true go getter. When you begin doing what you love, the go getter mentality and actions start to happen naturally. Continuously check in with yourself to see if you are taking the right steps toward fulfillment, whatever that means to you. It is truly worth it. If you decide to stay where you are at, and something is missing, you are robbing yourself of your purpose and visions. Just go for it, and make life a journey!

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