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Cover Photo-Shelley Hayes. Photo by Nelson Shen. Inside photo- Shelley Hayes, with a Rockstars and Angels baseball cap with Donnie. Photo by Zane Berlin.



The Dog Stylist and Pet Advocate Is Realizing Her Passion  with Shelley’s Doggie Diggs

Shelley Hayes, of Houston, Texas, has taken her passion for dogs and made it into a lucrative business. She is the owner of Shelley’s Doggie Diggs, a business makes chic and distinctive outfits for yes, dogs. “It started out as an online retail outlet,” said Shelley Hayes, who launched her business in 2011. “I didn’t have any of my own stuff, I was just buying wholesale and retailing it out on my site.” Her original idea was to have her own designs on the site, so she modified her business model. “So right now I just have a just a clearance section (for her retail items).” Her new design line, which will be called Doggie Stylze, is in the works and will be coming into prominence this year.

Pets, including dogs, can be valued members of the family that comfort you in the bad times, enhancing a better mood for your environment. However many in the family dynamic often take dogs for granted. Shelley’s passion for dogs and empathy for mistreated animals galvinized the mother of three to make a difference. “Once I realized just how passionate I was about dogs and seeing all the neglect and abuse-I’m sure you see all those ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) commercials that make you cry-I had rescued a dog- it just kind of clicked one day that people really dote on their dogs and dress them up,” she said. “It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and I said ‘that’s what I can do.’ I can have an online store and donote a portion of the profits to the ASPCA.” In October of 2011, Shelly, a former gymnast and athlete, put her efforts in full force for the ASPCA, running to raise funds for the organization in their Rock and Roll ASPCA 1/2 Marathon.  


(L-R) Shelley Hayes, Actress Kaitlan Welton, Mario Lopez and Eric Zuley.



Through a mutual friend, she was able to set up a meeting with heartthrob actor, dancer and host Mario Lopez, while on vacation in Los Angeles. She dressed Lopez’s dog in her clothing and received his endorsement of her products. Lopez later invited her to be on the show “Extra” and she was interviewed about her feelings about the 9-11 catastrophe. “I hope that one day he’ll feature me on the show about my business,” she laughed. “He’s super nice.” Also, through promoter and entrepreneur Eric Zuley, she met the proprietor of a popular store on Melrose Avenue, Rockstars and Angels, Sasha, who committed to partnering with her to feature her dog clothing line in his store. Also in her future is the possibility of a reality show, with host and funny man Johnny Venokur of VH1, who is a dear friend of hers. Additionally, she plans on donating 30% of the proceeds from a specialty T-shirt she’s designing to help the ASPCA. But what makes pets, specifically dogs, important in the family? “I think that pets add a lot to the family,” said Hayes.”They teach children responsibility and can be an extra companion because they love so unconditionally.” Can you feel the love and passion Shelley Hayes has for her business? Shelley Hayes’ passion for dogs, empathy and spirit for success makes her a lock as one of the People You Should Know.

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