Amanda Russell, Ms. Scoop-The Athletic Beauty Has The Fitness Scoop

Ms. Scoop — By on January 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

Amanda Russell-The Fitness Expert is an acclaimed journalist.

Amanda Russell is an athlete. The lovely lady, an AFTA Certified Trainer, has won triathlons and defined a new age of fitness and wellness, creating The AR Program, a holistic mind and body system that focuses on intense dynamic workouts and a healthy diet.


Recently, Amanda launched her own fitness YouTube channel Selected as one of YouTube’s Next Trainers, Amanda’s YouTube channel has grown enormously since launching in November 2011. The successor to supermodel Molly Simms as the spokesperson for ZICO Premium Coconut Water, Amanda also is an acclaimed fitness journalist, having been featured in Fitness Magazine, Redbook, Woman’s World, SELF, Runners World, and Women’s Health among others.

The stunning lady will impress you with her fitness prowess, intelligence and beauty. Visit her website at,

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