Lola Marks-The Young Actress, Singer and Prodigy Begins to Make Her Mark in Hollywood

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Lola Marks, a young sensation, will be debuting her music video, "Owa-Owa-Owa" on November 10th At The Falcon Restaurant in Hollywood. Photo By ACMC Photography.

She Debuts Her Music Video “Owa-Owa-Owa” at the Falcon in Hollywood November 10, 2011  


Talent can be defined in many ways. There are some that develop their talent, through hard work, lessons and learning. But then there are some that have innate talent, talent that they are born with- a natural form of talent that is undefinable and special. Seven year old prodigy Lola Marks has both those characteristics.

Lola recently was featured in a video “Time Is Time,” that spotlights her talent. Working on the set of that movie demonstrated her work ethic and devotion to her craft, as she spent a greuling 14 hours on the set. She found out that adjustments are a big part of being an actress, as one of her planned scenes, a cupcake scene, didn’t make the video. “I was supposed to throw a cupcake at Sonia (Sonia Maslovskaya an actress in the film) but we couldn’t do it,” she reflected. “I was like ‘guys let’s do the cupcakes,’ but there was no time, it’s not in the video.” A young consummate professional, she never complained about her lengthy hours on the set. “I got really tired, but walking around, with the bubbles all around you, it was so much fun,” said Lola, whose favorite actresses include Selena Gomez and Justin Deanda among others. “But at the end (of the shooting) I still had energy. At the end, we blew bubbles and blew crazy string. It was kind of funny.”

“Owa-Owa-Owa” was written solely from the depths of her imagination, and it is a very catchy tune that is destined to be a You Tube sensation. Produced by Reel Alchemy Productions, Lola came up with the lyric to the track provided to her on the spot. “That’s what I was doing,” said Lola when it was explained to her that many songwriters come up with songs off the top of their heads. “I was saying whatever I want. I was shy to do it at first. But I like singing in the microphone.” That love for the microphone helped her to shape what will be a bonafide hit.

But what does the young wunderkind want for listeners to get out of her music? “I want people to listen to my music and have fun with it,” Lola explained. A pretty and funny young lady with a natural ability to perform, she loves telling jokes, especially “knock, knock” jokes. She plans on including dancing as a career in her future. “If I dance, it will kind of go with acting because if I’m going to do a movie and I have to dance it will help,” said the actress, who has studied modern dance and is fluent in Russian.   

Although Lola is a young talent, she has many of the same interests as a typical seven year old. She loves playing video games with her dad, Mark Reynlib. “I love Wii (Nintendo Wii),” she said. She even has an interactive game she loves to play. “If the doll says, ‘my ears hurt,’ I clean his ears(a doll) and I say ‘all better?’ and he says, “yeah I hear you,'” she laughed. However, the young talent is developing her craft, studying at The Young Actor’s Studio and The Playground with Gary Spatz.  


Lola! Photo by ACMC Photography.

Lola is looking forward to being an actress and performing. “It looks like so much fun,” she said about the prospect of being a movie star. “I want to do autographs and take pictures, it looks like real fun. I think being on TV will be fun and having people listen to my songs will be cool.” Lola Marks is on the road to her destiny- to be a star. See her take her first step to that destiny November 10, 2011 when she debuts the World Premiere of her soon to be hit song and music video “Owa-Owa-Owa” at The Falcon Restaurant at 7213 Sunset Blvd. at 7PM. The event, which is in conjunction with California Psych Care, an organization devoted to helping children with developmental disabilities, is slated to have several celebrities and luminaries from the music and film industry. Lola hopes to be able to make a difference in others’ lives in her career. “I’d like to help other kids with acting lessons,” she said. “I’d want kids(that are less fortunate than her) to be movie stars, too. I’d love to teach them how.” She also has a desire to visit sick children in hospitals to help inspire them to get better. With that lovely attitude combined with her budding talent, Lola Marks will make her mark in Hollywood. Visit her website at

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Lola Marks will debut her video and song, "Owa-Owa-Owa," at The Falcon in Hollywood on November 10th, 2011.

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