Acidic-A Familiar Sound That You’ve Never Heard Before

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Cover and Inside Photo-ACIDIC, featuring Mike Gossard, (2nd from Right) will be on tour in September 2011.

A Familiar Sound That You’ve Never Heard Before           


There are many classic great indie rock groups, The Cure, The Smiths and several power rock groups that have made an impression on the music industry. Well now, there’s one more- ACIDIC. ACIDIC is an amazing band that features Michael Gossard on lead vocals and lead guitar, Michael Thompson on guitar and vocals, Ted Dubrawski on bass and vocals and Matt Whitaker on drums. “It has overtones of rock, it has overtones of alternative, it’s all over the place,” said Michael Gossard.   

This amazingly tight unit features the strong vocal prowess of Gossard, who plays a searing and biting lead guitar. We met this amazing artist at The Grove in Los Angeles and he was candid about playing and fronting ACIDIC. “We’re a straight out, All-American rock band,” said Gossard, when asked where the band originated. “We’re from Los Angeles, but we’re baseless. We have a million places to go and a million things to do on our mind all the time.”   

ACIDIC, which started in 2008, is off to a great start. The energy and enthusiasm that Michael Gossard displays is indicative of their vast talent. He is very candid about what makes the band happiest. “The most fun to be had in a band is just being involved in your local scene,” said Gossard. “I’m at The Roxy, or The Whisky, or The Key Club or sometimes The Vipor Room, every night. That’s what I love to do.” ACIDIC has a great attitude about learning the nuances of performing. “We like to go in a venue with the mindset of being a sponge,” he said. “Because you can just pick up every piece of information, how to run a sound board, how to run a light show, important things that you’d never learn anywhere else but the Musician’s Institute. And you can get them for free on the road if you just pay attention. It’s all about keeping your eyes open.” This dynamic quartet of musicians are preparing to tour on the same bill of another exciting band. “We’re about to leave on tour with Alien Ant Farm, so that’s exciting,” said Gossard. They’ve done that sort of thing before. They’ve had the distinction of being on tour with the rock band Warner Drive. “There’s three bands that I’m absolutely thrilled with right now and that’s Warner Drive, a band called Run Devil Run and a band called The Shrill,” Gossard explained when asked about bands he loves. But ACIDIC plans on making huge inroads in the recording and performing industry in their own right.    

ACIDIC has a new CD, “Chronic Satisfaction,” that is scheduled for release on September 13, 2011. The introductory song on the CD, “Uninspired,” starts off the CD with a bang. “It’s kind of about the aftermath of any major catastrophe that’s not physical, whether it’s social, mental or psychological, it’s about that,” Gossard said, when asked the meaning of the song. The CD has many potential hit smashes. Among our favorites were “Black Box” an anthem about a lady that is a one woman “wrecking machine,” and “The Brave,” a song Gossard wrote while the band was touring on military bases Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and Ramstein and also in Germany in late 2010. The rhythm section, which consists of Dubrawski on bass and Whitaker on drums, drives this tune to overdrive, with searing vocals by Gossard.   

“I never expected to be in this position, although I’ve always had an obsession with music,” said Dubrawski of ACIDIC, who is embarking on a major tour in September of 2011. “Throughout everything, it’s been the glue that holds me together. Every time we go on tour, I have to take a second to think that this is living the dream. These next months are gonna be crazy and it’s up to us to make them good. We have friends all around the country to support us and we love what we do. I can’t believe how amazing it is to be on stage in front of people, it’s an experience you cannot describe. We just have to stay true to what we started forth doing, which is making music.” Matt Whitaker, ACIDIC’s drummer, is equally excited about working in the band. “This band is the band I always hoped I’d find, and it just kinda blows me away how far we’ve come in what seems like a short time,” said Whitaker. “But we all really work at it, as much as we can. I get to do things I never expected would happen. I’ve been drumming since I was 4. Being in ACIDIC has developed me and really expanded me as a drummer and as an artist. I never thought I’d start feeling confident about the drums. But you just work and work and try to do better each day, and be more free and more wild and more uninhibited onstage, and it starts to happen. The fans really get off on it and I love to see how they respond to what we’re doing. It makes me want to do more and get crazier!”    

Yes the future is bright for this exceptional young band. They have a fantastic attitude and the band’s music and performing chops will send shock waves to the music industry. Why? Maybe it’s because it’s a familiar sound you’ve never heard before.      
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