Models, Actors and Actresses Shine on the red carpet of the 6th Annual ITV Fest

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Cover photo-Actress/Composer Catya Mare. Inside Photo-Above-Host Judy Tenuta being interviewed on the red carpet. She has a new video, "Spike It," which can be seen on You Tube.

By Buddy Sampson

August 12, 2011- American Comedy Award recipient, actress/comedian Judy Tenuta hosted the 6th Annual ITVFest (The International Television Film Festival) at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood on August 12, 2011. Many independent film actors, and music personalities showed up to receive awards, and many of them were dressed to the nines.


Actress and Composer Catya Mare is stunning in a white cocktail dress. She was nominated for "Tell Me Why," a video that can be seen on You Tube. Visit her website at


Actor Dorian Missick of "The Cape" TV Series is nattily dressed in a simple black suit.

Actress Katherine McEwan rocked the red carpet in a stunning, but simple black dress.

Cher Rue of "The Cher Rue Show" is attractive in cocktail wear. She also is featured in "Spike It," playing the part of "Snooki."

Actress Courtney Zito is scintillating in a patterned dress.

Models Joanne Ramirez (L) and Sarah Bella (R). The stunning dresses were designed by Dianne O for You Magazine.

A Stunning Actress and Model, in a thrilling patterned dress, delights the Red Carpet.

It's not real of course, but this wax figure of Marilyn Monroe from Madame T's still delighted the red carpet.

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