Amber Rice-Ms. Scoop

Ms. Scoop — By on June 6, 2014 at 10:42 am

Amber Rice. The down to earth beauty recently completed her degree in Health Administration.

Sometimes, it’s great to take a look back. Amber Rice teaches a Zumba class these days. To learn about it visit this link: She’s still doing fantastic things and take another look at the amazing model and dancer!

Amber Rice is a lady with a bright and promising future ahead of her. The down to earth, mega-intelligent and accessible lady recently completed her degree in Health Administration from The University of Phoenix. The sensational dancer is in high demand as a model and can be seen on runways from time to time. But what makes this stunning lady special is her incredible attitude. With someone as beautiful as she presents, you would expect the typical Hollywood attitude. But Amber never displays airs. The grounded young lady is loved by anyone that meets her, and her magnificent personality, unbelievably overshadows her spectacular beauty. She is quick to help those that ask and can dance with the best of them. Although she shuns the Hollywood scene, Hollywood craves Amber Rice. But Amber has higher aspirations. Her desire is to help those less fortunate by working in Health Administration. And with her ebullient and effervescent personality, look for huge things in the future from this amazing soul. We are proud to know Amber Rice, one of our most amazing Ms. Scoop’s ever.

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