Esther Canata

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Esther Canata


A Rose With Another Name  


By Buddy Sampson

Esther Canata has the world by her fingertips. The sultry singer with dangerous curves that could easily cause an accident if you’re not careful, has a powerful voice and stage presence that commands attention. In addition to her spectacular voice, Esther is also an accomplished songwriter, model and actress. She is making her move in Hollywood, having appeared recently at the supperclub in Hollywood, wowing the capacity crowd. 

Like her favorite flower, a rose, Esther Canata’s voice and music is like rose petals blowing in the wind, beautiful, airy and geared to stimulate your sensibilities. Her songwriting and sources of inspiration for her music are stories of the life canvas she paints beautifully.

Born in Somerville, NJ, Esther has a rich and varied cultural background. “I’m a mutt,” she laughs. “I’m of Italian descent, with Chilean roots and Irish.” Esther started singing as a child, performing musical theater. An admitted tomboy, Esther played sports and found herself playing competitively with boys. “I played soccer since I was seven years old,” she reflected. “I played on an all-boys team for three years.” She later played soccer on a girls team, then ran track, excelling in the 200 and 400 yard hurdles and the 400 yard relay. She attended a performing arts school, which helped her to hone her craft. Later, at 18, she moved to New York, where she sharpened her skills as a performer, gracing several stages in New York, including The Cutting Room, Joe’s Pub and The Triad, among others. She also performed in Miami, bringing her considerable stage presence to a famous jazz club in Miami, Jazid.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Esther performed for the biggest venues in Los Angeles, including the Roxy and the House of Blues. She graced the screen as an actress, playing a lead in a movie, “Hired Gun,” interpreting the role of Jamie, which also featured actor Michael Madsen. She has a movie, currently in post-production, “American Mummy” playing the lead actress. She also has been featured in “Love Rome,” released in 2002, “Pete Smalls Is Dead,” and “Hoodrats 2.” But Esther is more than an actress, model, singer and songwriter. She is capturing the sensibilities of those lucky enough to know her as a personality and entity, steadily gliding into Hollywood stardom with grace and ease.

Esther has compiled a CD, “Feline In Heat,” which spotlights music composed and performed in New York, Miami, Ireland and Los Angeles. Featured on I Tunes, the CD demonstrates her amazing versatility.”I called it that because my cat was in heat at that time,” she laughed. “I liked the play on it, it was kind of sensual sounding. I thought it was hot. I said, ’that’s the title of my album.’” She is also working with an Irish producer, Skully, signed to Sony Publishing, with their collaborative project and band, “Still.” “There’s so much magic in our writing, it’s really beautiful,” she said. “He is amazing. I really look forward to working with him again.” Additionally, she is capturing the attention of movie studio executives, having 3 of her songs licensed for the upcoming movies, “Boy Toy,” “Hellraiser Revelations” and the indie drama “Street,” all due to be released in 2011. On July 21st, 2011, she’ll be performing at The Supper Club in Hollywood. She is a regular performer at their dinner shows. You may also catch her moonlighting as a guest singer in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band at Cafe Was on Monday nights in Hollywood.

Indeed, with all the magic that Esther Canata creates with her music, her creativity is as special and colorful as a rose, her favorite flower, admired for its beauty. Her music will be admired for its beauty as well. After all, she is a rose named Esther.     


Catch Esther Canata at the Supperclub, Hollywood on July 21st, 2011.

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