Bizness Magazine Launches Its Summer Issue

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Eric Zuley, founder, WTV and Glynisha Shiel, CEO, The Bizness Magazine. Cover and Inside Photos by Nelson Shen.

The Issue Features Eric Zuley, owner and founder of WTV on its cover

June 21, 2011- Bizness Magazine launched its Summer Edition, which featured Eric “EZ” Zuley, entrepreneur and founder of WTV on its cover. The magazine, which features music, fashion, health and politics, is an up and coming publication that is headed by a dynamic and talented CEO, Glynisha Shiel. “The goal of the magazine is to take the hidden talent that’s within our community and showcase it,” said Glynisha. “Our mission statement, our purpose, is watering the life of today for the air of success tomorrow. Everybody keeps trying to segregate fashion, music, health, politics-they keep saying that they are different. But really they need each other to grow. They need each other to make it in the society. And those points are the four things that everyone always talks about, everybody always tries to figure out how we can talk about it separately. But politics are how we have conversation. Politics are the way we eat our food. Politics-the way that an artist gets up on the stage and performs in front of certain people-that’s politics. Fashion-artists meets fashion. Music-where artists have the music and then health. You have to be healthy in everrything that you do, mind, body and spirit. So what we’re doing with the magazine is we’re trying to subconsciously at the same time that we have fun and we’re interviewing these great people is teaching.” The magazine, which as some people described as a “TV Guide” for the industry, promises to do great things and the magazine appears to be off to a great start. 


Eric Zuley displays his article in The Bizness Magazine. Photo By Nelson Shen.

Zuley has been featured in the pages of The Scoop LA previously and he was very excited to have been featured on the cover of Bizness Magazine. “It feels awesome,” said Zuley, when asked how it is to be featured on the cover of the magazine.”I’m amazed with the design that they did and the idea, and how they came up with it. I have to give a lot of respect to the writers. You’ve got to read this magazine.” Zuley will be doing a lot of big things coming up, including a segment of “Hello Hollywood,” which will air In New York and several other countries. Visit his blog at


Ann Deschenes, CEO and Producer, Racing Girls Inc. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Seen at the event were Ann Deschenes, CEO and Producer of Racing Girls Inc., an exciting new reality show that is in negotiations with a few networks. Also spotted at the event was actress Nikki Storm and her husband Robert Storm, actress Christine Ames, the adorable Lil Nay Nay, who can be seen in a recent Gnarls Barkley video, David Harrison Levi and several other up and coming artists and performers.



Mohammed Merali,(L) founder Slingjot and Eric Zuley. Photo By Nelson Shen.

Eric Zuley bought along with him to the event Mohammed Merali, the owner of Slingjot, an exciting new social network. “There’s Facebook, there’s Twitter and now there will be Slingjot,” said Mohammed. “It’s going to be launching in the next three to six months.” He seemed excited, yet coy about how he started the network. “It was kind of like an aha moment, it was like ‘eureka, eureka, I found it,” he said, when asked about the venture.”It’s been going smoothly, so far, so good.” 

Actress Nikki Storm. Photo By Nelson Shen.


The adorable Lil Nay Nay. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Glynnyale, (L) COO, Bizness Magazine, Jeanna Brown(C), Fitness Expert and Glynisha Shiel, CEO Bizness Magazine. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Ann Deschenes of Racing Girls Inc. with the Bizness's lovely Red Carpet Princess, Shantell (L). Ann displays the cover of The Bizness Magazine featuring Eric Zuley. Photo by Nelson Shen.

Nikki Storm(L) with Christine Ames. Photo By Nelson Shen.

David Harrison Levi, Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate. Photo by Nelson Shen.

 Glynisha has a strong vision for the magazine in multicultural Los Angeles. “We want people to know it’s not a color magazine, it’s a people magazine,” said Glynisha.”It’s not about the color of your skin, that you are fashionable or you are into music or you are healthy. it’s more about who you are inside and if we can just kind of, I know it sounds kind of crazy and kind of cliche, but I just want people to be better people. And I think that showing how we can come together through a magazine, other people can kind of look at themselves and say ‘I think I can change a little bit, too.'” There’s nothing crazy or cliche about trying to make a difference and The Scoop LA wishes The Bizness Magazine much success. We believe that they will be successful for years to come and they have our unqualified support. Special thanks to Glynisha and Glynnyale, Glynisha’s sister and COO and Erick James, the Social Media Director for Bizness Magazine for inviting us to a fine event.

For more information on The Bizness Magazine, visit To know more about Eric Zuley, visit

Actress Nikki Storm (L) and Racing Girls Inc's Ann Deschenes(R) pose with Shantell, who proudly shows the cover of Bizness Magazine. Photo by Nelson Shen.


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