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Joe Alexander, Mentor and Motivator.

The Mentor And Motivator, Lives and Leads His Life By Example  


By Kim Somers Egelsee

I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Joe Alexander, owner/CEO of Park Regency Realty in the San Fernando Valley for almost 20 years. My dad, Mike Somers, began as a realtor there in 1992, with my mom Nancy joining him soon after. The thing I noticed right away was that this was not your typical real estate office. This was something special.


My dad came home one evening and gave me a ticket to see Jim Rohn, an amazing man who is considered to be one of the biggest authorities on personal development and success. I was only 19 at the time, but my dad explained that Joe recommended us seeing Mr. Rohn, and that it would change our lives. And it did. Jim Rohn taught us to work harder on ourselves than we do on our jobs. I couldn’t believe that Joe Alexander, the owner of a company would promote this thinking. But then as my family and I began doing just that, we got it. 

Joe’s business is an office of motivation, inspiration and positive thinking. He guides the realtors to live extraordinary lives at work and at home. He has regular meetings where he coaches, teaches and pumps up the people of Park Regency. There is a library of success CD’s and DVD’s on the premises, where the realtors can borrow something by John Maxwell, Zig Zigler, or Niurka and more at any time. The people of Park Regency have an advantage over many other offices, in that they can absorb great energy at a moment’s notice. 

Of course, all of these years, I wanted to know, “How does Joe do it?”, “What makes him tick?”  I got the chance to interview him after speaking at a Thursday meeting, which is planned by my dad each week. They have speakers from all over, including the Tony Robbins organization as well as Niurka. I was thrilled to speak there, and so grateful since my journey to being a life coach and speaker began with my exposure to Jim Rohn from Joe Alexander. 

After my workshop, I met with Joe in his office. Since Mr. Alexander is so down to earth, it felt like we were just hanging out. But, wow did I learn. This information alone could help business owners, employees, and just about anyone live a more balanced, successful life. 

Joe Alexander went snow skiing at the age of 16 on Mt. Baldy, and broke his leg so badly, that he ended up in bed for nearly a year. The entire healing was a 2 year process that ended up being such a gift. Sometimes in life, the biggest mishaps end up being the greatest growth and learning. During this time, Joe’s father gave him a real estate book to begin a career. Joe got so into it, he went to school on crutches, took the test and passed, all by the age of 18. He immediately began working for Forrest Olsen, and the first 6 months thought he knew it all. Of course with that attitude, he did not succeed right away. After that he realized that no one can succeed alone, shut up, listened, got with the right people, started selling away, and was the second youngest person to receive the million dollar club award. 

From there he opened Park Regency in 1977, and has owned and ran it ever since. Joe was always blessed in the areas of charisma and communication, and has always been a natural teacher, mentor and counselor. Therefore, it came naturally to Joe, when putting together the first Park Regency meeting, to base it on personal development. Throughout the years, and many meetings later, he has seen many motivational speakers, read hundreds of books, and listened to tons of CD’s. Joe has truly developed his own style of speaking, to such a degree, that when Tony Robbin’s top speaker came to do a workshop at Park Regency, they asked Joe to come on board and speak around the globe. What an honor! Joe, however is so passionate about his business and the people, as well as his gorgeous family (he has a beautiful wife and 2 young children), he had to turn them down. 

Joe Alexander loves to see growth in people. Realtors tend to stay put at Park Regency for 10-30 plus years, which is generally unheard of in a real estate company. He is doing something right…many things right. Joe especially notices growth and productivity in the people that LISTEN to the inspirational meetings, read the books, and work hard on themselves. He also feels that people can truly learn so much from their children. Children are the greatest teachers. His biggest influences have been God for spirituality and his ability to trust and let go, his father for his work ethic, and the great Jim Rohn for taking him to the next level and sculpting his life to where he is today, and boy he is not stopping! 

Mr. Alexander’s advice to new people in real estate is to be surrounded by those who are willing to teach you, and who are doing well. It is the power of association. Stick to the basics and don’t get off track. Keep going and moving and you will get to success. As for new business owners, save money. Have double what you think you need to put away. Keep your finances in order. Do not hope, but PLAN well and take action. When Joe gets frustrated or disempowered, he just pops in a DVD or CD of one of the greats; Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, etc., even when he doesn’t feel like it, and it changes his state and he begins to fuel back up his power; just like the people from Park Regency have learned to do, and you can choose to do too! 

So, at the close of the interview, I learned that Joe has been through a lot of life experiences, has taken each of those and grown from it, and applied all of those lessons to his teachings with others. He has used his life as a gift, and plans to do so always. He is kind, humble, sincere, and an overall great guy, which is a true leader living by example. Joe shows that to live an ideal life, we must help others, have gratitude, work on yourself harder than your job, and be kind. If we can all learn from this and apply it, we too will see our life get better. As a mentor and motivator, Joe Alexander is the epitome of that ideal. For that reason, Joe Alexander is one of the People You Should Know.

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