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Mila Musiyenko.


Mila Musiyenko

The Unassuming Ukrainian Tigress Is Making Her Move In Hollywood

Mila Musiyenko, unimpressed by the trappings of Hollywood, the fame, the notoriety and the many things that go along with it, is a true artist, who has spent her time from a young age developing her craft, her talent and her gifts to culminate in an opportunity of displaying it to an audience that will appreciate and value what she has, innately. The talented actress, who plays the piano, guitar and is an amazing dancer, will electrify Hollywood. The Ukrainian tigress, however, is determined to conquer and show Hollywood that talent can be the true indicator, not image, notoriety or fame.

Mila, born Lyudmila Musiyenko, who hails from the Ukraine, is making a move in Hollywood, slated to appear as one of the leads in an upcoming thriller “Snafu,” a spicy role.  “Snafu,” currently in pre-production, is produced by actor and producer Paul Gregory, known for such iconic roles as “Westmoreland” in “Henry V.”

“From the age of six or seven, I liked gymnastics, plays and reading poetry,” said Mila. “I was doing it very early and I loved performing it and I loved dancing.” That love for her craft enabled her to receive attention from an unlikely source. She competed in a competition at the tender age of seven and received a modicum of attention from the Minister of Culture of the Arts of Russia, who handles literature, music and art, who took a great interest in her after she won first prize in the competition.  Mila, however, hasn’t had an easy road in her quest to display her talents. In Russia, acting programs and fields of creative endeavor are closely scrutinized- rigid programs that allow little leeway, which vastly differ from Hollywood acting schools. “Here, in America, people can be actors after six months-one year of training,” said Mila. “But in Russia you would never be able to go on stage before training for four to five years. And at the time I was studying, there was only one place to become an actor.”  

So later, when she was accepted to study at the only University that focused on her craft, The Kiev National I.K. Karpenko-Kary Theater, Cinema and Television University of Theater, (known widely as the Kiev University of Drama), she was quite honored and surprised, to say the least.  “I was the first person in my area to attend the school and it was extraordinarily unbelievable that I got in, “said Mila about the University, which has 250,000 applicants to only 25 available drama student spots. “I heard so many people tried and tried and tried to get in the school, so I felt extremely fortunate to be able to attend the University.”  Once she attended the University, however, she soon realized that the training was incredibly intense. At the school, they’d spend a year on developing imagination and improvisational technique. “You had to bring the fantasies and ideas, “she said. “There was nobody to tell you. They would say ‘put yourself on that stage and do whatever you want. Just impress me.’ And this was for one year.  I’ve never heard of any school that had training like that.”  After she completed the school, she soon understood that she had to find a place to showcase her talent and training. “I realized that if I was going to do all these things, where was I going to do it?” she asked. The stunning lady realized that Los Angeles was the premier location to achieve her creative pursuits and migrated there. Since her migration to the entertainment capital of the world, Mila is entertaining many offers and is establishing quite a name for herself. And her role in “Snafu” will help to make her a household name, although Mila has little interest in fame, she just wants to showcase her artistic talent. 


Mila Musiyenko. Photo by Paul Gregory.

Mila Musiyenko’s talent, unassuming persona and beauty make her one of the People You Should Know.

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