Madea’s Big Happy Family Scores #2 Opening Weekend

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Tyler Perry as "Madea."


By Kim Webster

Once again the family turns to Madea (Tyler Perry) to dispense the special help that only she can give.  Her niece Shirley (Loretta Devine) has some distressing news from Dr. Evans (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) that she needs to share with her three children; and she needs Madea’s help to bring them together.   Shirley’s daughter Kimberly (Shannon Kane) is financially successful but emotionally unhappy always lashing out at her husband Calvin (Isaiah Mustafa) and son CJ (Benjamin “LB” Aiken).   Her other daughter Tammy (Natalie Desselle Reid) is always angry with her husband Harold (Rodney Perry) and they have two unruly children, HJ (Steve Wash) and Will (Nicholas Milton).  Her son Byron (Shad “Bow-Wow” Moss) was recently released from prison and has to contend with baby-momma drama from Sabrina (Teyana Taylor) and gold-digging girlfriend Renee (Lauren London). 


Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) tries to assure Shirley that the family will eventually get together.   Some of our favorite characters also appear including Madea’s brother Joe (Tyler Perry), Cora (Tamela Mann), Mr. Brown (David Mann) and Maury Povich makes a cameo appearance.   There’s a range of social issues hi-lited including child discipline, devastating family secrets, and emotional tragedies.  Of course there is humor, tough love, and solutions presented in unique Madea style.   Madea’s Big Happy Family really gives the audience something to think about!  

Tyler Perry. Photo by Kim Webster.

Loretta Devine. Photo by Kim Webster.

Shannon Kane. Photo by Kim Webster.

Tamela and David Mann. Photo by Kim Webster.

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