Jazzy Jam Pasadena-Helping Children Through Jazz

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Jazzy Jam-Pasadena, which will take place next Saturday, May 14th will benefit after school programs.

Jazzy Jam Pasadena

Education for Empowerment Benefit Concert, May 14th

Helping Children Through Jazz

Jackie Snell-Brown has a vision, She has a vision of a time when things were more innocent for children in the schools, when youth were able to develop life skills in the schools, like wood shop and home economics, skills that illuminate a way to be successful mothers and fathers-skills that are sorely lacking in today’s society, overlooked in today’s new electronic world.


Snell-Brown is one of the co-chairs, along with Councilwoman Jacque Robinson, City of Pasadena, of Jazzy Jam-Pasadena (Education for Empowerment Jazz Festival, through Charity Events LA and Flintridge Center) which will take place next Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Pasadena’s Central Park, 275 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA. 91105. The mission of the Festival, which includes such notables as saxophonist Everette Harp and Evelyn “Champagne” King is to raise money for empowerment for children to get necessary life skills. “My vision from God was to bring all of my resources that I’ve accumulated all these years to give back to my community by providing after school programs that I feel that lack in our school district back to the community,” said Jackie Snell-Brown. “So with that, the vision was to create something that will raise money and inspire people to collaborate and that’s what it’s been, the vision to collaborate resources.” Snell-Brown first had her vision about three years ago, when, as a volunteer for her daughter’s school, she realized her five-year old daughter didn’t have the same kind of school programs she had growing up. “I was just blown away that the city I grew up in didn’t have any art programs, they had no music and there was no computer thing,” she reflected. 

Later, she suggested the idea of doing a jazz concert at the school, and the first Jazzy Jam Pasadena was born. “They had a little patch of grass at that school and I asked them ‘if I can find a bigger patch of grass, would you let me do it?’” The resourceful Snell-Brown found a bigger locale to hold the 1st Festival. “So they did and I got my local high school to donate their football field to me and before we knew it, we had a concert.” The next year, Jazzy Jam Pasadena was presented at a bigger venue. Bill Dunn, who was associated with the Rose Bowl, and the City of Pasadena, helped her and her staff to present the next Festival at Pasadena’s world famous Rose Bowl. “We did it at the soccer field,” she said. Due to a schedule conflict in the calendar of The Rose Bowl, Snell-Brown and her group were unable to return to the Rose Bowl. That’s when an idea began to form in her head. “I said, let’s just bring jazz back to Central Park, let’s just take it to a whole other level. Because people are so thirsty for the caliber of jazz that we’re doing to come back to Pasadena like they used to do in Old Pasadena. Let’s bring it back to Central Park.” She rallied some local politicians to help with the effort, which includes now co-chair Jacque Robinson, Councilwoman, Pasadena and they were able to make the concert happen in Central Park. “It took a lot of tugging, but we’re giving back to Pasadena, trying to do our own part to help,” said Snell-Brown. “I think (programs like that) need to stay in the schools,” said Snell-Brown. ”I think that it is one of the missing links. I’m not saying that all schools don’t do that, but most schools don’t anymore. We need it. I’d like the opportunity to grow an after-school program. We’ll do homework and we’ll do tutoring, quilting, cooking and sewing.””


In addition to a wonderful cause, the line-up for this year’s festival showcases jazz guitarist Everette Harp, Latin great Johnny Polanco, jazz violinist Karen Briggs,  jazz/R&B sensations Supa Lowry Bros. (trumpeter Christopher Lowery with brother, drummer Wesley), smooth jazz guitarist Freddie Fox featuring R&B queen Evelyn “Champagne” King, Contemporary/Inspirational Fusion Vessel(s) & the Band, Jazzy Jam Band under the direction of Cornelius Mims, Old School R&B/Rock & Roll Pasadena-based Rapid Response, debut of singer/songwriter Kori Withers (daughter of Bill Withers), and the Pasadena City Wide Gospel Choir, directed by Pastor Jonathan DeCuir and Carolyn Hill. Bubba Jackson, on-air personality from KJAZZ 88.1 FM, returns as Master of Ceremonies/Host. 

“Jazzy Jam-Pasadena” will be held Saturday, May 14, from Noon to 8:00 p.m. (gates open at 11:00 a.m.) in Central Park, located at 219 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA. Tickets are $25.00, per person, general lawn seating, and children under 13 are free. VIP Reserved: $500.00, 10 seats, umbrella tables, food and beverages. For additional information, visit the web site, www.jazzyjampasadena.com, and log on to Facebook and become a Fan.


NO picnic baskets, coolers, umbrellas, canopies, backpacks, glass containers, cans, alcoholic beverages, audio/video recorders, print/digital/video cameras, barbecue grills, bicycles or dogs will be allowed entry to the site. Festival-goers with general admission tickets are encouraged to bring blankets, and/or low beach/lawn chairs. Local eateries will provide a diverse array of food and beverages available for purchase.

Support a wonderful cause and event and support the vision of helping kids learn life skills. Visit www.jazzyjampasadena.com. 

Tickets for the event are $25 to $500.        

Jazzy Jam Pasadena

Location: Central Park, 275 S. Raymond Ave,Pasadena, CA 91105.

May 14, 2011. 12PM to 8PM

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