Casino Royale With Cheese-supperclub Los Angeles

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supperclub Los Angeles, in Hollywood, offers an unparelled dining experience.

Casino Royale with Cheese-the supperclub at the Vogue Theater

A Visual and Sensory Experience

By Buddy Sampson

March 31st 2011 at supperclub Los Angeles, was a special night. Their theme for the night, a Casino Royale theme, made the night a foray into fantasy, into glamour, class and style. If you walked from outside the club from Hollywood Boulevard, you were immediately transformed. It felt like you walked in from the touristy, almost sleazy environment of Hollywood Boulevard into a different and fascinating dimension. And each month, the supperclub plans on having a theme for their supper dining and I would say that it is quite a novel idea. After all, with our recessionary economy and the worries it brings, who couldn’t use a diversion?

Well the supperclub, on its theme nights gives you that diversion. Located at 6675 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 at the Vogue Theater, it descibes itself as a dinner experience. And that it is. On the March 31, 2011 Bond theme night, we were greeted by a lovely lady named Alexandra Hill, whose title was Mistress of Events, who showed me around the club and made sure The Scoop LA experienced what a typical patron experiences. For $75, it is a visual and sensory experience. You enter the club and immediately sent to the front bar, with ready made shots and a table of hors d’oeuvres. If you want to socialize before dinner, then you may go to the second floor where there’s another bar, where you may purchase your favorite drinks. Then a curtain opens and the dinner experience starts. The club is set up with very long couches, almost beds, which is great for an intimate group gathering or an entertaining evening for two. We spotted actor Erik Estrada there and Erik had a great and very funny conversation with us. He is a great guy. On this night, they had a male mermaid hanging from the ceiling and the entire night there was one entertainer after another, including an opera singer, who went all around the club, singing without a microphone with a powerful voice. There was a singer with an acoustic guitar, a couple that danced and hung from the ceiling a la cirque du soleil and my favorite of the night, singer Esther Canata, who wowed the audience. Jimi Dava handled the turntables and he kept the crowd dancing and moving. Not to be forgotten was the food, which was excellent. It was bought out in courses. We were treated handsomely by a wonderful gentleman named Jason Lord, whose title was appropriately named Lord of the Floor. He was nothing short of excellent. Later, we spoke to Abdi Manavi, who is in upper management and he thanked us for coming to the club. After 10pm, the club turned into a nightclub and there was dancing throughout the night.

The Scoop LA, highly recommends the supperclub los angeles. For $75 it is worth every penny. It is an unparelled dining experience.

Special thanks to Esther Canata, Jimi Dava, Alexandra Hill and Jason Long for their graciousness and hospitality.

supperclub los angeles

6675 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 466-1900


Alexandra Hill(C) the Mistress of Events, flanked by Kim Dong Ha(L) and Josh Rafofsky, made sure The Scoop LA experienced the full supperclub experience.

Patrons at the supperclub Casino Royale themed evening enjoyed a comfortable and fun dining experience.

Singer Esther Canata was one of the talented performer that graced the stage for the Casino Royale themed night at the supperclub.

Jimi Dava did a sensational job handling the turntables at the supperclub.

Aerial performers entertained the audience during dinner.

Dinner at the supperclub, with the entertainment, makes the supperclub a delightful experience.

Jimi Dava's wonderful lady, Emma Lee and The Scoop LA's Buddy Sampson caught on the dance floor. Good thing he owns the paper, he was supposed to be working!

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