The After Party for the “If The Earth Could Speak” video at Tru Hollywood

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Special Youth Correspondent Chad Curtis(R), with his mom, Sonaria Curtis on the red carpet at Tru Hollywood. "It was fun!" said Chad. Cover and inside photo by Nelson Shen.

The After Party for the “If The Earth Could Speak” video at Tru Hollywood 

PIC and Teen Stars Taking Action! 

By Chad Curtis
(Special youth correspondent for The ScoopLA newspaper)
 On March 31st 2011, over 50 Disney and Nickelodeon music stars came together along with Grammy award winning director, Tom Trbvovich and Billboard winning music producer Drew Lane to create an inspiring music video for the kids suffering in Japan. This amazing song is called “If The Earth Could Speak” written by the Childfund spokesperson, Evelyn Vaccaro, Drew Lane and Daniel Curtis Lee. This song was made to make people aware of the horrible tragedies in Japan and what the people are really going through and to get the people to support and take action to help Japan.  

On Saturday, April 2nd, we were invited, along with my mom, Sonaria Curtis and my dad, Gary Curtis to attend and cover the unveiling of the music video at the Presidential Inner Circle’s(PIC) Rich and Famous party at Tru Hollywood. We got to meet and see many of the teen stars on the red carpet. Phil Jones, the CEO of PIC was there and my mom, dad and I were able to go on the red carpet. It was exciting. We met many nice people and saw the video, which was very nice. There were a lot of people there and I had the chance to talk to a lot of the stars that were there. It was fun! 

All the stars were so excited to be part of this amazing and powerful video and project, they love the fact of being involved in something that will actually help the people in Japan. Some of these amazing people include, Tru Ace, Eristina Ballestero, Alex Moore, Sam Stone, Marelle Jaffe, Chris Trousdale, Joku girls, Zach Callison, Christina Ballesterd, Sabrina Carpenter, Sasha Edwards, Juliette Goglia, Nadine Casanova, Samantha Boscarino, Sir Castanon (Joseph Circastanon), Daniel Curtis Lee and many more. These fantastic people have volunteered their time to help support the children in Japan. It’s truly amazing that these people volunteered their time to contribute such a worthy cause. I am honored to have been able to witness this historic event, thanks to everyone, including Liz Rodriguez Hart and Evelyn Vaccaro, who helped make this possible. 




Actress Nikki Storm and Jon Scudder of Jon Scudder TV. Photo by Nelson Shen.

My Publisher and friend, Buddy Sampson with Phil Jones, CEO, PIC. Photo by Magic Photo Expressions.

Some of the people on the red carpet. Photo by Magic Photo Expressions.

My dad, Gary Curtis, my mom, Sonaria Curtis and Buddy Sampson. Photo by Nelson Shen.

My mom on the red carpet. Photo by Nelson Shen.


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