If the Earth Could Speak- Kids Helping Kids: ChildFund International Japan

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Cover Photo-Evelyn Vaccaro. Inside Photo-Daniel Curtis Lee. Daniel was one of the co-writers of the song for the video.

“If The Earth Could Speak”

By Kali Curtis (Special Youth Correspondent for The Scoop LA Newspaper)

Recently, Japan has been struck with a terrible disaster, a 9.0 earthquake, followed by a large tsunami, which devastated the NE coast line of Japan and crippled 6 nuclear reactors causing large amount of nuclear radiation to be released. They have been having a hard time dealing with these problems since it happened. It is a crisis of major proportions.

As the face of the non-profit organization, ChildFund, Evelyn Vaccaro has written a song called “If the Earth Could Speak,” with Drew Lane and Daniel Curtis Lee. With a star studded team, Vaccaro has created a music video to go along with it. This video was created to help raise the awareness of people, particularly children of the U.S. and around the world about what has happened in Japan and other events currently occurring causing human suffering. The goal of this project is to reach the younger audience so that they can be motivated to help contribute to the rescue and rebuilding efforts so needed.

The “We Are the World” Grammy winning director, Tom Trbvovich, has come out of his retirement to contribute to this great cause. Many others, like Billboard winning music producer, Drew Lane, as well as thirty other Nickelodeon and Disney teen celebrities, also contributed to this non-profit video, which was recorded 3/30/11. After the music video is released sometime in April, all of the proceeds will be donated to children’s needs all over the world. It is a moving and important video, a must see.


Evelyn Vaccaro.

The video, which was also Co-Produced by Evelyn Vaccaro, was Executive Produced by Momentum Entertaiment, edited by Julian Melanson and filmed on Location at Glenwood Studios Burbank, CA.


The singers and cast of "If The Earth Could Speak."

The main singers in the video were Sam Stone, Daniel Curtis Lee, Coco Jones, Marelle Jaffe, Joseph Circastanon, Devon Werkheiser, Ivey Cunanan, Caitlin Taylor Love, Ryan Newman, Nadine Cassanova, Zach Callison, Lauren Taveras, Samantha Boscarino, Sabrina Carpenter, Sacha Edwards and Chris Trousdale. The choir group included Irene Nelson, Juliette Goglia, Ricky Oss, Juliana Rose, Janessa Rose, Brandi Young, Carmen Matheny, Ajuku Girls (Casey Hensley, Trevor Page, and Patrick Sciacca), Daneil Samonas, Kids from Mars, Nathaniel Lee, Jr. Matt Shively, Mason Parks, Aaron Landon, Cristina Ballestero, Matt King, Rebecca King, Alexandria Moore, Remington Bennett, Brandon Moreno, Leah Hall, Tru-Ace, Rony Rubio, Amy Morgan, Fabian Morales, Damon Morales, Taylor Spreitler, Mischa Rose, Gabriel Morales, Shannon Wada, Travis Marsh, Melanie Avalon, Cas Samzer and Hudson Leyda.

Special thanks to all the crew on the set and to Publicist Liz Rodriguez Hart for all of their kindness in helping The Scoop LA facilitate this article.


Kali Curtis is a terrific young writer who attends Granada Hills Charter High School. An aspiring journalist, Kali, with her brother Chad, covered the making of the video for The Scoop LA.

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