Behave Hair Products-Put Your Hair On Its Best Behavior

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Shawn Hartshorn(L) and Gary Hartshorn. Cover photo and inside photo by Deborah Hayter.

Behave Hair Products

Put Your Hair On Its Best Behavior

Shawn Hartshorn and Gary Hartshorn have a hit product on their hands. They’ve created hair products, Behave Hair Products, that are able to make hair luxurious, beautiful and managable, without the harmful effects that other hair products in its genre create. “It does all the things that other hair products do, but without the chemicals,” said Shawn Hartshorn, President, Behave Hair Products. “There are only a handful of products that can say that there’s no alcohol or oil in it whatsoever and those are significantly more expensive than ours.” 

Behave Hair Products launched its company in 2010. Headed by Shawn Hartshorn, President, and his Dad, Gary Hartshorn, Sales Manager, the company sought to fulfill a pressing need. “We saw an opportunity,” said Shawn. “We had a number of friends that were complaining about a frizz problem for their hair, so it was always in the back of our minds to create products like ours.” Gary Hartshorn, who worked for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) on spacecraft, has a background in Chemical Engineering. He, along with Shawn and two other associates, utilized their expertise, did research and development and came up with an amazing product. “We’ve done the almost impossible,” Gary Hartshorn laughed.”We’ve been able to keep all the chemicals out of our formula, and out of the hair. The rest of the industry is going to be beating down the door to figure out how we did it.” The styling spray is a mix of micron sized ingredients, emulsified with a water base, which infuses within and around each hair strand, which helps to relax and give support to unruly hair. As it drys, it forms a soft matrix between individual hair platelets, giving hair support and memory. If heat is applied, the matrix structure will soften to accept a style (whichever is desired-curly, straight etc.) The style will retain the bounce and hold of natural hair. This “soft” hold will resist moisture and will fall back into place with a brief brush or comb through. “It’s all about making the hair look like there’s nothing in it,” Shawn explained. ” We want to make it look like they (consumers) were born with this fantastic hair.” But Gary Hartshorn insists that the initial process of developing the amazing product was a labor of love. “It’s not about just ingredients, it’s how we put them together,” said Gary Hartshorn, who of course, is decidedly coy about the development process. “It took a year or two before we launched it, trying to perfect it.” 

Gary Hartshorn and Shawn Hartshorn are entrepreneurs that are from varied types of expertise. Gary started a very successful lighting company, GLC Lighting, in 1986. It specializes in the design and manufacture of custom linear fluorescent lighting fixtures for high end offices and retail establishments. Shawn ran a small aircraft parts company, worked in the real estate market and had a small electric bicycle business. But what is most rewarding for Gary and Shawn is the wonderful feedback they’ve received from their product. “One of the first ladies who tried our product was a waitress that hated her hair,” Gary reflected. “She didn’t hesitate when the product was introduced to her, she’s now a complete convert.” The Scoop LA was on set for the filming of a Behave Hair Product commercial and one of the models raved about the product. “It’s natural and smells delicious,” said Abigail Schrader, a young model and actress. “And it definitely protects your hair from split ends.” And many of the growing number of Behave customers have been raving about the product. “I’ve tried a lot of hair products, I mean a LOT,” said Clarissa, a model from Studio City. “Everything from the stuff my hair stylist suggests to the products sold in the major drugstore around the corner. Nothing compares to Behave. I can’t resist spraying it on every morning before I style my hair. It makes my hair feel light, but secure. I even spray it on throughout the day. Not because I have to, but because it makes my hair smell so good and gives it that freshly washed feeling. Okay, so here’s what really made me fall in love. It was raining last week, but the frizzes stayed away! That was the true test for me. The makers of Behave should just give me a frequent buyers card, because I’m keeping myself stocked, and buying more to give away as presents.”  

Behave is now in development of a new hair product that is completely unscented. A certified mixologist in his spare time, who enjoys mixing drinks, Shawn is excited about the prospect of introducing their hair products, which are environmentally friendly, 100% non-aerosol and inexpensive. “It’s the next level of natural hair products and it will put your hair on its best Behave-vior,” laughed Shawn, who couldn’t resist a pun and perhaps let us in on Behave’s future tag line. With their excellent products, we’re sure the Hartshorns will be laughing their way all the way to the bank. 

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