Actress Nikki Storm Appears on Jon Scudder TV and KALI-AM

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Nikki Storm. Cover Photo and Inside Photo by Nelson Shen. Gracing the Red Carpet for EZ Zuley's Charity Birthday Celebration.

Actress Nikki Storm Appears on Jon Scudder TV and KALI-AM

March 25, 2011- Up and coming dynamo and Actress Nikki Storm had a busy day on Friday, March 25, 2011. The current Corona, California resident drove from Corona to Los Angeles for an audition in the morning, a distance of 48 miles one way, drove back home and then returned to Los Angeles to appear on the red carpet for Eric “EZ” Zuley’s Birthday charity event, doing an interview for Jon Scudder TV. She then taped and appeared on KALI-AM at 12:20AM, with radio personality Larry Winn and electrified listeners with her upbeat and ebullient personality.

The actress, who recently completed a movie, “Eyes to See,” which featured actress Garcelle Beauvais, is quickly garnering the attention of Hollywood, by her tireless work ethic and bright personality.

Look for fantastic things to come soon from this amazing talent.


Nikki Storm (C) gets interviewed by Jon Scudder TV. Jon (L) has interviewed some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Blurry Camera Phone Photo-Buddy Sampson.


Nikki Storm being interviewed by Larry Winn on KALI-FM. Photo by Buddy Sampson.


Nikki Storm is amused by Larry Winn. Photo by Buddy Sampson.


Larry Winn hard at work. His fantastic radio show is broadcast on KALI-AM (AM 900 on your radio dial) on Fridays at midnight. (Saturday Morning.)


Nikki Storm and Larry Winn. Photo by Buddy Sampson.

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Jon Scudder of Jon Scudder TV. Photo by Nelson Shen. He has interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world. Visit his site at


Jon Scudder, a terrific TV host, interviewer and personality, has interviewed many of the top A list actors, actresses, celebrities and sports stars in Hollywood. Visit his site,


Larry Winn (R) pictured with Quincy Jones, has interviewed some of the biggest stars in the music industry. Catch his radio broadcast on KALI-AM.


Larry Winn has been a radio personality for many years. He has interviewed and featured on his show, many of the biggest musical icons in history. Catch his innovative and amazing radio show on Fridays at midnight (Saturday morning) on KALI-AM. (AM 900.) His call in radio line is (626) 793-0900.



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