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Abigail Schrader.

Abigail Schrader

The Young Actress and Model Keeps Close to What Really Matters

Abigail Schrader is an anomaly in Hollywood. From Enid, Oklahoma, a small town, Abigail bought her small town values to Hollywood and refuses to compromise those ideals. “I lived on a farm, so we had horses, cattle and drove a tractor,” said the 16 year old actress. “It kept me grounded because I spent a lot of time with my family. We had a big family and a little house and one bathroom.” The young lady, from a young age, knew the value of perseverance, instilled in her from her parents, who taught her an essential that equals success. “My parents are very supportive,” she said. “They’ve always instilled in me that with hard work, determination and The Lord, you can achieve anything.”

That ethic will help her quest for success as an actress in Hollywood. She has already graced a number of theater stages while in school.”In 7th grade, I played ‘Molly’ in the play ‘Annie,’ and did a lot of theater.” The pretty young lady, at the age of 16, is already building an impressive set of credits. She landed a role in a critically acclaimed film, “The Grief Tourist,” which features Melanie Griffith, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Michael Cudlitz. The film is in post-production and is tentatively scheduled for release mid to late summer 2011. She also played a part as bridesmaid in the soon to be epic film, “Black Gold,” a harrowing tale of struggle that takes place in Africa. “Being on set is fun and the crew, the guys and the girls are always fun,” she explained, caught on the set of a commercial for Behave hair products. She enjoys being made up for the camera and has begun to experience another benefit of rising talent in Hollywood. “Red carpets are a blast,” she laughed. “I love dressing up.” But her acting career started some time ago. She honed her craft on small stages, playing a variety of roles. She played the role of “Tootie” in the play “Meet Me In St. Louis.” “It was very fun because I got to use my little girl voice,” she laughed. “It’s fun to make everyone laugh in the audience.” She worked in several more plays, including “When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet,” and “A Christmas Carol.” “I was ‘Fun Scrooge,'” she reflected. “I was a poor schoolgirl that went to see her brother. I loved getting in those dated clothes. But it was very humbling to see and realize what they didn’t have back then.”

Abigail, who came to Los Angeles last year, in 2010, lists her favorite actresses as Debbie Ryan, Sandra Bullock and Selena Gomez. “She (Selena) seems really sweet and real and not changed by being in the limelight.” Speaking of that, she promises not to let fame and the spotlight change her. “I read The Bible every night and pray,” “It’s definitely been my stronghold away from family and it shows that you can be beautiful and still be modest. Sometimes your smile is the thing that counts.” In her rise to success, she credits a number of people, her parents and family, also a couple of mentors. “Suzanne (DeLaurentiis) and Ken Garcia are very supportive and they really want what’s best for us,” said Abigail when asked studying acting. She admits being thrilled to meet some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She’s managed to meet Quinton Aaron of “The Blind Side,” Dennis Haysbert, Khloe Kardashian and Ernest Borgnine. “He (Borgnine) was very funny and very sweet,” said Abigail.” It’s really cool to meet some of Hollywood’s legends.” She graced the red carpet of “Night Of 100 Stars,” and was fortunate to meet astronaut legend Buzz Aldrin and the Dalai Lama.

She hopes to play roles that accent the lovely person she is. “I’d like to play roles that are like my personality, sweet and down to earth,” she said, although she wouldn’t mind going outside her intelligent personality. “I can see myself playing the ditzy mean girl.” She loves animals and had original aspirations to be a veterinarian, but changed her dream when she realized there were very unpleasant aspects of the job.

But Abigail, a very grounded lady who keeps close to what really matters, demonstrates the reason why she’s destined to be a star in Hollywood. “Never give up and reach for your dreams,” she said.”And have a good relationship with The Lord because, ultimately, that’s what matters.”

Her grounded personality, beauty, dedication to her craft and most importantly her faith, makes Abigail Schrader, one of the People You Should Know.


Abigail Schrader on the red carpet.

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