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Ricky Del Rosario.

Painting a Picture With His Unique Brand of Comedy

Ricky Del Rosario, a hilarious comedian out of Seaside, California, has come a long way. In his hometown, there were lots of interesting subjects from which to draw his comedy. “There definitely was a cast of characters, ” said Ricky Del Rosario.”When I was a neighborhood kid, I would go around and hang out with a lot of cats in the projects every once in a while. My street was on the same street as the projects but the projects were about a mile away. We had projects where in the 80’s, the National Guard had to come in the projects. It’s not like that anymore.”

He grew up in a large family living in a small house with dozens of relatives sharing quarters all at one time. With such congestion, life was cramped to say the least. Ricky states, “Our living situation and outside life was a comedy writer’s dream. Without a bed or room of my own, nights were spent in the house, while days were spent outside hanging in the neighborhood with a colorful cast of characters. I didn’t need to watch Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy videos to get my inspiration for comedy; I had my own family and neighborhood in which to draw upon.”

A very good impersonation comic, he been known to impersonate a variety of characters. The stage is his playground. “I consider myself a performance comedian,” said Ricky Del Rosario. ” I have punch lines, but I like to paint a picture of what’s going on and make you laugh by putting yourself in that situation and you’re watching the whole thing unfold.”

In his first year of college at Sonoma State University, Ricky decided to try an open mike night at a local comedy club. From then, he was hooked, and continued honing his comedic skills by performing frequently around the Bay Area.

After performing at a national comedy competition, Ricky Del Rosario was signed by a well-known Los Angeles-based talent agency, which made it possible for him to perform all over the country doing what he loves best. He participated in Jamie Foxx’s First Annual Laffapalooza in Atlanta, Georgia; performed two seasons on Comic View and was recognized by HBO as one of the Top Ten Up-and-Coming Comedians in the country (along with Mike Epps, Red Grant, Nick Cannon and Speedy Caldwell). He credits a comedy manager, Rick Sullivan, as a person that was instrumental in helping him getting his start. “He’s worked with a lot of major comedians,” he said of Sullivan, who spotted him performing for a less than receptive audience. “When I went on stage, he saw that I made this crowd that doesn’t listen to anybody, laugh, so he came up to me said that I had a great look, and a great personality and helped me to launch my career.”

Rosario, who lists Mike Epps as one of his favorite comedians, is a very versatile talent. He’s published a children’s book, became a professional kick boxer and is currently the owner of several small businesses.

Ricky Del Rosario will release his new DVD Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 19th  at the LA Athletic Club. This will be one mega celebration as he joins forces with LA Laker’s forward Matt Barnes to the VIP NBA All Stars Weekend party. “My comedy is corner to corner on the stage,” said the entertainer. “You’ll see me use the whole entire stage, I’m all over the place, I’m in front of the stage, I’m behind the stage, so I try to, like a mime would do with speaking, is show you what I’m talking about with my vibe. I want to paint a picture for you also.”

Ricky Del Rosario, with his ability to paint a picture with his hilarious comedy, is one of the People You Should Know.


Ricky Del Rosario. Photo Credit Vinni Ratcliff.

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