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Columnists, Kim Somers Egelsee — By on February 14, 2011 at 4:22 am
By Kim Somers Egelsee; Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach
Everybody can use advice, coaching or mentoring at one time or another in their lives. It is always nice to receive another person’s perspective, as well as to give others ours. It’s extraordinary how a few words have the power to change people’s lives. Language is amazing and the way you use it when you talk to yourself and others can affect your mood, behavior, personality, and overall life choices. Getting into the habit of thinking and speaking positively will change your life in amazing ways.

In this column I will choose questions, that I feel will benefit everyone, and add in positive tips and affirmations to uplift, inspire and motivate you throughout your week!

How do I instantly get rid of a negative thought or limiting belief that sometimes comes to mind?   

It is very common for people to have continuous negative thoughts popping into our heads throughout the day. Limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” ” I might fail at this,” or ” I’m scared that I will not make enough money” may also come to mind. Some people may feel like they have a continuous chorus of negativity flying around up there.

What you have to do is to TRAIN your brain to stop this nonsense. It is possible to do this. You have control. First, stop watching the news, or any other negative television. This becomes ingrained into your consciousness and adds to the negative chorus in your mind. You can always get your news online, or by watching just once in awhile. Next, stop hanging around anyone who is too negative. You know those people who talk about how bad everything is, blaming the world for their lives. These are the people whose energy will rub off on you and affect your life. You don’t have time for them.

Now you are ready to train your brain. Each time you start to have a negative thought or belief that you “know” is not true come up, think of a specific spot in the ocean, (for example, The Santa Monica Pier), and imagine throwing the thought out to sea. The salt water will dissolve the negativity, and the more that you do this, little by little you will have less negative words scattering around in there.

Another technique is to laugh at the thoughts that come up, because deep inside you know that they are not what you truly feel or believe. The more often that you can look in and laugh at them, knowing they are not who you really are, you give them less power, and they begin to go away. Now go ahead and try it this week, and see how much clearer and happier you feel!

How do you organize your day to achieve all of your goals and ensure that you adhere to that plan?   

A typical day for someone can include going to the gym, working all day, making phone calls and emails, fitting in some social, quiet and family time, and eating healthy to add to all of that. Sometimes we have so much to do, it becomes overwhelming. The first thing to do is to eliminate the word, “overwhelmed” from your vocabulary, and begin to say that you are “in demand”. This is an empowering word that implies that you are needed, and that what you do daily does make a difference in the world. It’s a good idea to have a planner where you write down your benchmarks, objectives or projects for each day. Be sure to break them into realistic steps, so that too much is not crammed into one day. That can lead to feeling burned out. Each week, make a list of all that you want to do, and assign dates for each item. Regularly check back with your planner to make sure that you are on top of your game. It helps to place stars or check marks where you have accomplished things. It’s also very helpful to have an accountability partner who you can regularly talk to about what you are getting done and achieving. This keeps you on track, and focused on your goals. Good Luck!” If you want to do something out of your usual comfort zone that you know would elevate your life, think of it as an exciting thrill ride, a trip to a new land, a chance to be a new and better you. Go for it! Take action! Stand out from the crowd!”- Kim Somers Egelsee

TIP:  Figure out your life purpose. Narrow it down to a few sentences and memorize it. You will have this in your mind at all times. Now everything will be easier. You can make all decisions and choices on what to do, who to spend time with, and what to say based on your life purpose.


Kim Somers Egelsee.

Kim Somers Egelsee is an inspirational speaker and life coach certified in NLP. She regularly speaks at seminars and events. Kim is an expert at getting people’s lives to a “10” plus. Contact Kim for your free thirty minute meeting, or to speak at your business or group.

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