Camille Solari-Ms. Scoop. Beautiful, Talented and Funny

Ms. Scoop — By on December 30, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Camille Solari
 Camille Solari of Boston, MA, is a stunning actress, model, writer and comedienne. She migrated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and writing career and has had huge success. The talented model was a billboard model for Dickie’s Jeans. She’s written, starred in and produced several films, including “True, True, Lie,” “Rocker,” and “Money To Burn,” which featured Michael Madsen and David Carradine. The funny lady, who lists Sarah Silverman as one of her favorite comediennes, is making waves in the comedy circuit, performing for several of the biggest comedy clubs in Los Angeles. “Comedy is an envied art form,” said Camille Solari. “It’s not acting, it’s something that people wish they can do and you have to write your own material. You are totally responsible for keeping the audience in the flow.Also, it’s cool because there’s not too many girls that are doing stand up comedy.” She also wrote a documentary on the life of James Brown, entitled “Life On The Road With Mr. and Mrs. Brown,” which will premiere in the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. The lovely lady has proven herself in Hollywood to be a triple threat, beautiful, talented and funny. Visit her website at All photos by Isabelle Ruen. Visit Isabelle’s websites,



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