Punch TV Honors Vesta Williams

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Vesta Williams.

 Punch TV Network Honors Vesta Williams

 The extravaganza, which took place in December, honored the birthday of singer Vesta Williams.

By Andrea Knight

Punch Television Network Studios in Carson, California, was the locale of a fun-filled night of singing and celebration on December 4th. Hosted by the network’s CEO, Joseph Collins, the event was attended by celebrities who came out to celebrate the birthday of one of the most talented voices in the music industry, Grammy-award nominated Vesta Williams. Singing sensation Miki Howard and former talk-show host Mother Love, amongst others, graced the red carpet. Rising star Stephanie Ferrett, who played the role of Becky in the Tyler Perry play “The Marriage Counselor” also made an appearance to promote her self-entitled album “Stephanie Ferrett,” scheduled for release in late December. Collins, the dynamic CEO of the network, punctuated the night with his energetic promotive chants, reminiscent of Muhammed Ali, about the pre-destined success of the network. His unabashed presentation on the red carpet set the tone for the mini-concert, performed by guest of honor Vesta Williams.

Vesta Williams took the stage and performed for an intimate audience of appreciative friends, family, fans and colleagues in true form, with lots of style, class and sass. Dressed in a sexy red and black outfit, the singing sensation reminded the audience that raw talent still exists, despite the prevalence of studio manufactured hit makers. With the vivaciousness of a woman more than half her age, she debuted “Dedicated” a single from her newly released seventh album appropriately entitled “Seven.” She continued to tantalize the audience by singing two of the top selling hits that skyrocketed her career two decades ago. They included “Congratulations,” a tear jerker that she confesses was written out of her own personal pain, and another huge single, “Special.” Without missing a beat, she proved to the audience that her powerful voice has stood the test of time.

With drinks flowing freely, courtesy of Caramba Tequila, the attendees were ultimately treated to a thoroughly enjoyable evening. If Joseph Collins’ display of optimism on the red carpet is any indication of the road ahead for this television network, then we can expect to see more well-produced events such as this one in the future.

Punch TV, of Carson, California, launched its network in September, 2010 and broadcasts to 250 affiliates in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Carribean. Visit http://my.punchtv.net.



Stephanie Ferret. Photo-Chris Seguin Photography.



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