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LeChein Taylor(R) with Sheriff Leroy D Baca, makes a huge difference with the Taylor Family Foundation(TFF).

LeChein Taylor

Making a Difference-The Taylor Family Foundation 

There are some people in the community that talk the talk about helping others, but when it’s time for action, they are nowhere to be seen. LeChein Taylor is a man of action who rolls up his sleeves, digs in and makes a difference in the lives of others through his foundation, The Taylor Family Foundation(TFF.) LeChein Taylor epitomizes an ideal, an ideal that’s rarely seen. An exceptional human being, LeChein epitomizes that ideal by the tireless work he does to make change a reality by his work with youth.  

TFF’s emphasis is to “reduce gang violence, reduce recidivism in jails and increase higher education by raising the GPA of youths in the school system.” He has worked very closely with Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, who commands Los Angeles’ Sheriff’s Department, widely known as the largest in the United States, in helping change the quality of life in neighborhoods.       

Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, Councilwoman, Jan Perry, CRDF Grad, Ladawn Bell, Le’Chein Taylor, CRDF Grad, Laura Smith, California State Senator, Curren Price and LA City Councilman, Tony Cardenas.

 His efforts were on display on July 13th, 2010 at the 2010 Female Re-entry Initiative, A Graduation Celebration for female inmates who’ve created a 16 week Life Management Skills Program. Laura Smith, one of the graduates of the Program, GOGI(Getting Out By Going In) spoke about the significance of the Taylor Family Foundation and how it helped change her life. “I was in a place in my life where I cared about nothing or nobody,” she said.”I got involved with some people and some things that I never imagined that I would do. So when I was able to participate in this program, I’m so grateful, because it has turned my life completely around.” 

Actor Bill Duke was one of several celebrities seen at the event. “I wish the press was here,” said Duke of the lack of press at the event except The Scoop LA. Duke, who is currently working on a project called “Black Diamonds-The Evolution of Blacks In Baseball,” with baseball legend Ernie Banks, laments the lack of positive images in the press. “Whenever we do anything negative or something bad, the press is there and covering it. ABC, NBC, CBS and all those other outlets, when we are doing something positive, I don’t see people here. I wish they were here, because this is important. These young ladies are changing their lives and can be instructive to a lot of people. So God Bless them and I wish them the best in this very difficult world we’re facing.”  

When you ask LeChein about the efforts he’s made, he diverts the attention to Darren “Bo” Taylor, his brother, that passed away in 2008. Bo started Darren “Bo” Taylor Enterprise in 1992, an organization dedicated to preventing gang violence and other ills of the community. LeChein and TFF have picked up Bo’s legacy and have excelled.  

We’re living in an age of tough economic times, but it’s very important to save the lives of those that have made a mistake or help at risk youth before they make a serious mistake. TFF is a grassroots organization specializing in violence prevention and education. TFF, in their mission statement, states that their goal is “to take a proactive approach with the implementation of a proven system that works to empower the incarcerated individuals and community members with the necessary skills to make transitions in their lives, no matter what their backgrounds, and to provide them with the tools to become productive citizens.”In addition, they will hold a “Unity and Friendship Day” on February 27, 2011.   

On December 16, 2010 The Taylor Family Foundation will host a holiday fundraiser to raise funds and create awareness about the hard work and dedication of three (3) unique California Non-Profit organizations that work to save lives, educate, create employment, and to give hope and opportunity for young people across Los Angeles County. Private location in Los Angeles TBA. The three foundations- “The Taylor Family Foundation” (TFF), former world boxing champion Sugar Shane Mosley’s “Diamonds Love Foundation” and “The Right To Succeed Foundation” – collectively work in the jails, in charter schools, and in multiple communities to save lives, provide quality educational opportunities for all young Americans, career opportunities for at risk youth, mentoring and violence intervention, and the education and life skills to help them become productive adults.Support The Taylor Family Foundation (TFF). Donate your time and money Visit www.taylorfoundation.net. Because of the difference that LeChein Taylor and TFF makes in the community and their tireless efforts. LeChein Taylor and TFF are among the People You Should Know.  




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