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Kim Somers Egelsee

 Kim Somers Egelsee

Happiness and success are not something you pursue it’s a result of what you become.” -Jim Rohn  


By: Erica Carey  

On a scale of one to ten, Kim Somers Egelsee admits her life is a ten and it shows! From the moment we met her, the smile on her face never faded. The love and enthusiasm she shared about her work showed passion and a genuine need to fulfill people’s lives with happiness and empowerment. Motivational speaker and life coach, Egelsee, has been inspiring and improving lives for years.

At 18 years old, she began studying personal development. Earning her degree in Speech Communications Studies, she used her talents to speak for animal rights and the environment. She is also a former behavioral specialist who worked with adults and children with moderate to severe behavioral problems.  

Today, she uses her talents to help improve people’s lives through life coaching and motivational speaking. Her motto is “to get people’s lives to a ten plus,” which she says is completely possible. She coaches clients one-on-one as well as small group settings and is currently working to develop workshops for women and mothers to encourage them to feel more balanced and empowered.  

Her practices include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which provides quick, effective changes in thought and behavior for any situation. “One technique is to change a negative word or phrase into something positive,” said Egelsee, “such as, turning I’m overwhelmed into I’m in demand.” She also does guided meditations, used to release guilt or help in relationship issues, Oracle card readings (if the person is spiritual) and Pranic Healing which involves using energy to heal.  

The most common issues her clients face are stress, anxiety, and relationships. Often she will have a client perform a task they fear to build self confidence, to cite an example of one of several techniques she uses. She encourages her clients to take notes as they feel necessary. Additionally, many of her clients are searching for help to reach their dreams, desires or purpose in life. As a result of her own personal self-discovery, she feels she can help others to find and conquer as well. “I ask clients to write down their purpose in life and every choice they make in life should reflect on their purpose,”she explained. “With that, one’s decisions made will be in line with their chosen path.”  

Egelsee is passionate about helping others feel empowered and happy every day. “It’s just a way of life, to be more positive, I use my practices on myself,” said the striking lady. “We have control of how our attitude will affect our everyday experience. You can decide if it’s worth getting angry over something. When you’re faced with challenges, my techniques make you look at the problem and handle it better.”  

In the future, she plans to partner with a friend who is working in the Health field and speak to employees about how to cope with change and be happier on the job. “I’m really excited about this upcoming year and the challenges ahead,” said Egelsee.  

She attributes her success to Niurka, her mentor, as well as several motivational speakers she admires. Her favorite quote comes from one of her most admired inspirational speakers, Jim Rohn. “Happiness and success are not something you pursue, it’s a result of what you become.” Egelsee lives by this quote and aims to help others on their path to happiness.  

For more information about Kim Somers Egelsee and her practices, please visit her website at  

Kim Somers Egelsee is passionate about helping others feel empowered and happy every day.


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