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Robert Townsend

Web Programming Brings Real Life Drama

By Erica Carey  

Robert Townsend directs and produces web series, “Diary of a Single Mom”, an intense drama featuring mega stars Monica Calhoun, Richard Roundtree, Leon, Valery Ortiz and Janice Lynde. This series consists of twelve minute episodes that tug at your heart. The story line brings the lives of three single mothers together and how they deal with parenting and surviving in a world full of recession and job loss. Ocean, played by Monica Calhoun, is a mother of two who is working while trying to complete her GED and go to college. Peggy, played by Janice Lynde, has suddenly been given responsibility of her grandchild, and must provide by entering the working world, which she hasn’t been a part of for many years. Lupe, played by Valery Ortiz, has discovered she has breast cancer and must have a mastectomy and deal with survival while parenting her children as well.

Deep rooted family issues are brought up in these short videos which each actor says is why the show is so worthwhile. “I’m not a vegetarian, I love meat, and these scripts are meaty. I’ve been in this business for many years and this is totally different and it’s a joy to do,” said Richard Roundtree, who plays character, Lou Bailey.

Every actor is invested in this series and the characters because of the issues it brings to light. It is reality for many families. With the divorce rate around 59 percent, single parent homes are more common than ever. “People are not staying together like they used to so this project is so important to me because this is real life. Parents are dealing with their children alone and they need help,” said Leon.

A new and fascinating feature to the website is the interactive toolbar. By clicking on the links in the toolbar, you can get information about the topics dealt with in the show. For example, if the show is about Lupe’s breast cancer, the toolbar will have links to information about breast cancer detection or screening. “The toolbox I found it refreshing to be able to be a part of this slice of life so that hoping any other single parent can get ideas, strength or courage to keep going. I was very happy with the project and the possibilities webisodes have,” said Monica Calhoun. Viewers are also able to comment on the show at the bottom of the webpage. They have created a network of single mothers who understand each other and can feel united in their world of single parenthood.

“The message is one of hope, we’re all on this planet together so this is how do we do our part,” said Robert Townsend.

The third season is now airing on Public Internet Channel (www.pic.tv). If you have not seen the first two seasons, they are available on the website as well. “Diary of a Single Mom” is produced by Robert Townsend’s company, One Economy Corporation and is written by playwright and screenwriter Cheryl L. West.

Richard Roundtree

The Cast of Diary of a Single Mom, (L-R Back Row) Robert Townsend, Leon, Valery Ortiz, Monica Calhoun, Janice Lynde, Richard Roundtree, Billy Dee Williams, Front Row, Nieko Mann, China Anderson, Ava Marie, Jonathan Biggs and Zach Callison.

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