Phil Jones Heads Spectacular PIC Event at Madame Tussauds Waxworks

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Socialite Paris Hilton (R) with PIC's Event Director, Paul Newman, was one of several celebrities that attended PIC's extravaganza at Madame Tussauds.

There’s a new sheriff in town. Phil Jones, President of Presidential Inner Circle (PIC), a private social club,  stewarded a spectaular event at Madame Tussauds Waxworks in Hollywood on Saturday, November 20, 2010. The well-attended media event was Hollywood at its best, with attendees that included socialite Paris Hilton, Jose Canseco, Tracey Higgins, Jesse James Youngblood,  Malcolm D. Lee, Simona Brhlikova, Tarah Paige, Tim Russ, Treva Etienne, up and coming actress Patricia Grant, Said Faraj, Ditch, Maria Amor, Grace Abad, CC Perkinson, Cher Rue, Mark Politi, Candace Higgins, Christine Ames, Johnny V, Chef Rudy Marz, Actress Tia Barr, Susan Kennington and Playboy Playmate Jenna Bentley among others. “I’ve worked on everything from GQ and Maxim and I just shot the cover for FHM Magazine,” said Jenna Bentley. “I worked with Playboy, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the movie, ‘Just Go With It,’ coming out in 2011. Nicole Kidman’s in it as well.” Visit her website at


Phil Jones

The event, which took place on a chilly night in Hollywood, was masterfully located at Madame Tussands Waxworks, an amazing coup by Phil Jones in that it made for built in laughs and interesting conversation for the patrons that attended. Ricky J, a DJ and rapper, rocked the mike and made Madame Tussands the locale to be to have fun, as he had full control of the dance floor. The gorgeous DJ Ivy was spinning the tunes, and had the Tussauds crowd on its feet. It was a classy event and perhaps the event of the year.

At most events, there’s always some kind of visible snafu and a personality or two that seems to be upset or out of sorts. Phil’s crew, which included Paul Newman, who was instrumental in organizing the event, Catherine Scott and Liz Rodriguez Hart, seemed under control, friendly and bought a Londonish flair to the night with all the British, Australian and New Zealand accents that abounded. We were escorted to the VIP area, where champagne flowed and dancing was a prominent part of the landscape. Rapper Ditch was seen with his lovely lady, Shalon, as was Jose Canseco, Paris Hilton, Jenna Bentley and Phil Jones, himself, who constantly and consistently checked on his guests to make sure they were having a great time.

Thanks and kudos to PIC guru Phil Jones, Catherine Scott, Liz Rodriguez Hart and all the amazing staff at PIC for an amazing event. There will be more to come and more updates and photos from the wonderful extravaganza, so tune back in and say you read it in The Scoop LA!

Special thanks to Mark Politi, who, throughout the evening, introduced The Scoop LA Publisher Buddy Sampson as a terrific musician and didn’t mention his ownership of The Scoop LA once. It was appreciated and The Scoop LA Publisher was visibly humbled to be recognized as more than a Publisher.  


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