Sonia Maslovskaya excels in the play “Anais: an Erotic Evening with Anais Nin.”

Theater — By on October 4, 2010 at 2:39 am

Sonia Maslovskaya executes a magnificent and electrifying performance in the play “Anais: an Erotic Evening with Anais Nin,” which is presented in the Sherry Theater in North Hollywood. The one woman play, written and directed by Michael Phillips and produced by Larry Minion, explores the diaries of Anais Nin, a French author who became widely known for her published journals. “Her diaries have always been sort of a part of my life,” said Michael Phillips, when asked why he chose to write and direct this production. “It been a literary love of mine. I thought that this was the untold part of her story. She is a scandulous character.” Nin, known specifically for her erotic writing that began in the 1930’s, is portrayed splendidly by Sonia Maslovskaya, who presents the character with a sensibility that is beyond the erotic nature of her writings.  “Anais Nin was an exceptional woman and it’s very hard to describe her, whether it’s in one sentence or in a book,” said Sonia. “So many people have tried to capture her essence.” Larry Minion was attracted to the play because of the unexplored mystery of the erotic writer. “A lot of people know her diaries,” said Larry Minion. “But there’s so much more to her and so when Michael first said he was writing something about her, that’s what fascinated me, because she’s such an influence on so many different things in the 20th century.”

Maslovskaya, a consummate actress and classical pianist who has appeared in several regional theater productions, is completely immersed in her character. “I like to get into character early and I get really quiet and centered,” said Sonia when asked how she prepares for her portrayal of the French author. “I try to bring myself to this very vulnerable place that I can perform from.” In her sensational performance, Maslovskaya explores the multi-dimensional complexity of Nin’s persona in a fictional visit to June Mansfield Miller, who is in a hospital after an attempted suicide attempt. She masterfully colors all the characters in the play, which included conversations with June, a doctor and writer Henry Miller, with whom she carried out an affair. In the theater production, Nin, a natural seductress, spoke about her infatuation with Henry Miller and her sapphic fascination with June, a master manipulator with an agenda.

Although the play is billed as an “Erotic Evening,” the presentation encompasses much more. It explores love triangles, relationships, power, manipulation and betrayal. If you want to be totally entertained by a terrific and engaging actress, with a performance that some compare to Marion Cotillard’s performance in the film “La Vie en Rose,” you must experience Sonia Maslovskaya’s character study of Anais Nin. She is terrific.

This sensational presentation will run on Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM until October 16, 2010 at the Sherry Theater, located at 11052 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601. Adults Only, Provocative Text, No Nudity. Genenal Admission $20, Seniors and Students: $15 (Promo Code 007.)



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