KING KONG 360 3-D RIDE at Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walt Disney Hall — By on July 1, 2010 at 7:56 pm

By Suzette M. Kendricks

I want to share with you and hope that you will take time the experience the King Kong 360 3-D ride at the Universal Studios. This ride is superb!  Words can’t explain the technology of the world’s intense 360 3-D RIDE!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 represented a great experience at Universal Studions as other guests and myself found ourselves on the Universal Studios tram getting ready to approach the ancient wooden Skull Island bridge, when our eyes got very big seeing another Universal Studios Tram subside to the left of us.  The tram was crushed like a eskimo pie with broken windows still in its frame and engine smoke pierced as if this just happened before we arrived.  We knew by its looks, that King Kong didn’t crush this tram with his foot.  We believed that King Kong crushed this tram with his fist! I just hope that everyone that was on that tram was able to get out and run!

The King Kong 360 3-D Ride consisted partly of a scene from the King Kong movie made in 2005.

The King Kong ride focused on an interesting part from the film in which King Kong was fighting several out numbered land flesh eating dinosaurs near the bowels of the Skull Island.  Some of the island explorers were going across Skull Island’s ancient wooden bridge, when all of sudden, with the strong rumbling rapture across the bridge, they got trapped at the top of the piercing fiery edge of the bowels of Skull Island. Many of the explorers have fallen into the vestiges of the island, but were captured by the thick fury vines that helped them to survive.  Some of the explorers weren’t so lucky. You can hear their screams for help as they fell deep into the abyss of Skull Island.

This King Kong 360 3-D RIDE featured 3-D glasses. We were on the Universal Studios tram ride going across the Skull Island bridge, when all of sudden, we were in the middle of an episode in which King Kong fights a number of flesh-eating, long-nosed, sharp-teethed, scaly-faced monsters. With the 3-D glasses on your face, the sharp-teethed dinosaurs are lashing at us,with their bodies slamming hard at the tram.  This jungle is so full of 3-D heart-beating surprises that the 3-D experience is guaranteed to make you scream and holler.  You’ll feel the strong sense of survival to make it out of Skull Island alive. You must make it a point to experience the King Kong 360 3-D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


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