Pamela James, stylist to Reggie Bush threw sizzling 4th of July birthday bash Special fare, Xango BBQ ribs a la Henry

Eugenia Wright's Column — By on July 1, 2010 at 12:06 pm

Xango Henry and Playboy Model-Josie Goldberg, Photo By: Vinni Ratcliff

Pamela James stylist to many celebrities including Josie Goldberg (reality series star, Farmer Wants a wife and Playboy model) and Reggie Bush (yes Kimee’s ex) held a July 4th birthday bash at her estate in Lakewood Village, Long Beach that set off fireworks and not just in the sky. Sparks flew when guest, international film star and celebrity fitness trainer Xango Henry (co-star of Nude Nuns with Big Guns) decided to unbutton his suit jacket and show off his BBQ ribs. It was hard to concentrate on chowing down the potatoe salad and shrimp with juicy ribs staring you right in the face.

Nice live jazz band (Pro2Call) at the rear of the estate tried to keep it mellow but the DJ kept wanting to pump up the music by the front entrance. The volume accelerated and yes; A lone ranger Po Po stopped by for a hot flash regarding the music and then sped off to more important biz. Reggie was on the guest list but was a no show.

Pamela James clients include: Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints), Grant Mason (Florida Tusker), Patrice Hollis (Playboy Playmate), Monalisa Okojie (jewelry designer and Kendra James (Bad Girls Club) to name a few.


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