Shine On, A Music Showcase “Artists Meets The Industry” In Action Again July 15th

Entertainment — By on July 2, 2010 at 10:30 am

Arnold G Performs with his Dancers, Photo by: Tracy Saunders

Latonius J. Earl leaves the audience speechless with his song, "Speechless." Photo By: Tracy Saunders

Jesschelle electrifies the Shine On audience. Photo by: Tracy Saunders

Arnold G pauses to pose with singer/songwriter Stefani Scovolo. Photo By: Tracy Saunders

July 15th will be a special day. Shine On 2, a follow up to Shine On 1, will take place and it promises to be a great show.

Shine On 1, which took place May 20th, 2010 featured young singer/songwriters, dancers and rappers. The May event started with singer/artist Arnold G, who performed with dancers in very skimpy outfits. Arnold started out the show on a great note.  Brandy Guerra was next and once her initial nervousness subsided, she did a capable job of singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” not the easiest song to sing. She followed with “You Are Not Alone.” Guerra did a capable job and she has potential that can develop. Next on the stage was Emily Amber, who sang three original songs. Amber is an amazing young talent in the mold of Jewel. Stefani Scovolo, a talented singer/songwriter took the stage and she was the most refined of the artists that preceded her. She sang a song called “Falling,” and played guitar for her last song. She sang songs of life and her grandmother and had the strong vocal and messages of someone like an Alanis Morrisette. Scovolo is a very gifted artist. Jesschelle was fifth and she was nothing short of fantastic. Jesschelle had great stage presence, singing “No One,” an Alicia Keys tune. She took hold of the stage and took complete command of it. Jesschelle even sang an original song, “Get There Somehow,” and bought her students on stage for her third song for background help. She tore the stage down and received the first standing ovation of the night. Adrian Reyes was next and he was easily the best dressed male performer of the night. His third song was the best of his set.

Jael Gadsden followed, and she took the stage with plenty of stage presence and tons of attitude. She reminded us of the disco divas of the 70’s. Think, “Let The Music Play” and you’ll get the picture. She took the stage with dancers and the choreography was tight and crisp. She performed original material, and the second song was the strongest. Gadsden is a sensational talent who reminded us of Stephanie Mills.

But in this writer’s estimation, the best artist of the night took the stage- a gentleman called Latonius J. Earl. Earl sang a song called “Speechless,” and his vocal ability left many in the audeince speechless. Earl took full command of the stage and was very appreciated by the audience in attendance. His singing was reminiscent of the old school  lead singers of groups like The Chilites, The Manhattans and the Delphonics. This young brother has a big future ahead of him and record companies need to recognize, if they haven’t already, this incredible talent. Also performing was Jarid Williams and rapper/performer Que.

Shine On 1 was an excellent showcase. Be sure to attend Shine On 2:

Presented by A&G Entertainment Productions, Shine On 2! Hollywood: A Music Showcase;”Artists Meet The Industry”

Hosted by Gary Spears, former KIIS, KBIG & B-96 FM radios personalityat Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, CA – on Thursday, July 15, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
For more information, visit

See you there!


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