Melissa Grimmond

Ms. Scoop — By on July 1, 2010 at 3:38 pm

She is a stunningly gorgeous petite model. She currently plays the part of Chanelle on the critically acclaimed #1 HBO Cinemax Series “Zane Sex Chronicles.” You have perhaps seen the former marketing manager and fashion stylist on several television shows, including “Law and Order,” “Gossip Girl,” and Rescue Me.”  She sometimes works for charities, crocheting pink scarves for the Breast Cancer Foundation, and sometimes acts as a volunteer for several causes, including sickle cell anemia and down syndrome. Melissa hopes to be one of the first petite Victoria Secret models and we think she has an outstanding opportunity to accomplish her goal. A warm and down to earth lady, Melissa Grimmond is destined for Hollywood success and is a terrific actress and model. She is our stunning Ms. Scoop. For more information, visit her website at


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