P. Diddy’s “I Am King” Post-Grammy Party

Eugenia Wright's Column — By on May 9, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Ciroc, (L) and P Diddy. Photo by Vinni Ratcliff.

Hollywood was buzzed on Sunset with news that  Sean “P. Diddy’s” post-Grammy party would be held at one of the most prestigious party venues, Boulevard 3. He literally shut down tinseltown.  I got the word that three public relations offices and three promotion companies were assigned to handle the big soiree.

I arrived on the scene with a client and I can tell you it was mayhem. The side walk was crowded like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Everyone was looking forward to seeing a glimpse of  P.Diddy, Sean John, Diddy.  This man has such a huge persona that one name cannot contain him.

Some of the stars attending Diddy’s party included:  Niecy Nash, Ray J, Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side), Tony Rock, Pop/R&B singer Tionne Williams, music producer, William Hanford Lee Jr., music producer Ernie Singleton, actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Poprah (from I Want to Work for Diddy), rapper Twista and others. Unfortunately, there were also many  notable Hollywood actors and models that could not get in.

The lines for the “gold” carpet were monstrous. The sidewalk was so jammed you had to walk in the street causing traffic delays. And, there were “the lists.” Good luck finding your name on a list. Thank goodness I knew many in charge otherwise, my feelings would have been very hurt. I just forged through the crowd and in record speed my client was posing for pics with the photojournalists who turned out in droves. The only snag I ran into was obtaining that little plastic all access wrist band.But, some very friendly sponsors invited me into their cabana and offered me a few bands for myself and my small entourage.

One enjoyable aspect about the party were the dancers. Diddy must love dancers because the girls on stage were smokin’. Dressed in fishnets, black boots, skimpy sexy apparel, they kept movin’ and bumpin’ to the beat. One look at them and I’m sure men could not look away.

The people, the music and the visuals created an energy surge that will not be forgotten.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/pubicist. You may write to her at kleopatragirl117@hotmail.com

Eugenia Wright and Singer/Producer William Hanford Lee, Jr. at P Diddy’s Grammy Party at the Boulevard 3. Photo Credit: Vinni Ratcliff


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