Oscar Gifting Suite held at the new Sunset Vine Towers

Eugenia Wright's Column — By on May 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm

Trueful electrifies the gifting suite audience. Photo by Donald Carraway.

Aesthetic Everything…

If you were going to the Oscar’s this week, then a stop at one of the gifting suites was a must do on your agenda. I attended the Oscar Aesthetic Everything Gifting party, which benefited Haitians. This was definitely a beauty stop for men and women, with so many essential beauty items, from creams to masks to massages to indulge in. Held atop the beautiful new Sunset Towers, there was a panoramic view of the city.

Celebrities were greeted by a chocolate and dessert display of mini cupcakes, marshmallows chocolate candy and hard candy treats. In a room at a far end of the corner, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chugay was giving a presentation of his newest non-evasive line erasing moisturizing cream (which I fell in love with) and letting everyone know about his services. To the right of his booth was the Shaboom body and makeup station. There I saw most of the men, since they offered unisex body sprays and aura aromatherapy. The technicians who too happy to give them a number of samples were indulging pop R&B Singer Trueful and dancer Krystal French. Of course every star wants to get a hot bod for their walk on the red carpet and fitness trainer to the stars Farhan Dalla was there handing out complimentary workout DVD’s.

Every gifting suite has a jewelry station and this one was no exception. At the Bijoutiere booth, I spotted music artist/actor Tionne Williams checking out the more masculine pieces and pretty actress CC Perkinson and perky Italian beauty Jennifer Tarpiero.

Moving on to the next room, celebs were sitting down for a relaxing massage and a taste of special energy chocolate. I decided to sample. Only a smidgen on a wooden spatula provided an energy boost. It was so delicious; I wanted to eat the whole pot. . Unfortunately celebs could only get this through mail order. Not fair, I was ready to make off with this pot of creamy chocolato like a bandit. It’s a good thing it wasn’t readily available because I surely would have OD’d on the mocha treat.

The audience loves Trueful. Photo by Donald Carraway.
Fabio takes time to pose with Gifting Suite Coordinator Vanessa Florez. Photo by Donald Carraway.

The main room boasted, drinks (from mojitos to white wine) caviar and sandwiches, all compliments of Aesthetic Everything. The surprise performer for the occasion was newcomer Pop R&B/Hip Hop singer Trueful who got cleared by the event coordinator to sing his new single “Feeling You.” At that point the paparazzi gathered around him, the crowd loved him wildly and he became the center of attention.

Meanwhile in another room, Fabio was generating a great deal of press. Apparently it was his birthday. Fabio is synonymous with the word fitness. With his long flowing blond hair, I’m sure Aesthetic Everything had something to tame his mane.

I ran into pretty actress Juliette Fairley in the lobby with her publicist about an hour into my shopping spree when I had to duck back out to greet some friends.

Thanks to the event coordinator Vanessa Florez, I was able to accumulate quite a few goodies. This is a partial list of some of the booty collected: An Aesthetic Everything sports bag (great for the gym), Soy Pur Body Cleansing Bars (2 packages), complimentary botox treatment from Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic, gift certificate from Bijoutiere jewelry designs for a diamond dog tag valued at $110.00, Mind Ball and Soul workout with your fitness guru Farhan Dhalla, Vapur energy water, Shaboom lavender aura mist plus Shaboom gold bronzing powder, Miracle Hydrate (snake venom wrinkle cream without botox), free facial certificate from Chill Spa and complimentary workout at Hype Gym. I was also given some complimentary soy lip balm and all soy moisturizing cream.

Judge Craig Strong and R&B star Tionne Williams.
See Tionne’s story in People You Should Know.
Photo by Donald Carraway.

Grabbing my bag, I was out the door, ready to run home and test all the products to prepare for my next night out at a pre-Oscar bash on Rodeo Drive. Stay tuned for this amazing pre-Oscar bash hosted by NY socialite columnist Flo Anthony and LA’s great “Gatsby” Norwood Young.

Other celebrities on hand at Aesthetic Everything included: Detroit’s Judge Craig Strong, Poprah (I Wanna Work For Diddy) and action star Romeo.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Recording Artist Trueful. Photo by Donald Carraway

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned internationally syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at kleopatragirl117@hotmail.com


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