Celebrating the MTV Movie Awards @ The Beverly Hills Country Club

Eugenia Wright's Column — By on June 5, 2010 at 3:59 pm
(L-R) Kathleen Bradley, Trueful, Tasty Clouds product rep Nina Rodecker and Tito Jackson        Photo By: Donald Carraway.
Sexy Hot Beautiful Gifting Suite

One may think that Hollywood parties are the most coveted events in Tinseltown, not true. It’s the ever-loving “gifting suite” where celebs are showered with gifts from sponsors, that are on celebrities “must do” lists. A gifting suite is the hottest ticket in town and as I have experienced from clients, they want to get their hands on those gifts that range from jewelry to makeup to lavish vacation get-a-ways, to wardrobe to drinks to exotic water beverages, to you name it.

Aesthetic Everything, produced by lovely event coordinator Vanessa Florez, is one of those coveted events. This year’s theme was SEXY HOT BEAUTIFUL, hosted by Leyla Milani and Kelly Carrington celebrating the MTV Movie Awards. Vanessa chose the opulent Beverly Hills Country Club as the gifting host venue. There celebrities were welcomed in a massive foyer, setting their foot prints on a Cleopatra-style patterned buffed marbled floor with an enticing cream colored seating area and a beautiful, brilliant luxurious over-head crystal chandelier. On an Italian Riviera styled terrace that overlooked an azure blue Olympic size swimming pool and matching blue colored tennis court, celebrities such as Tito Jackson, Ernie Hudson, Cisco Reyes, Suzette Tomlinson, Kathleen Bradley,

Annie McKnight, Mariano Mendoza, Damian Marley, Jennifer Tapiero, Trueful (and his dancers Jazzy and D. Valentine), young stylist Krystal “Miss Styles” French and many others enjoyed the good life being lavished with gifts.

Upon arrival I got my gift bag and started filling up on all sorts of goodies such as expensive creams, cotton candy, gift certificates and chocolate delicacies. My silver trimmed MH3 (Miracle Hydrate) tote bag was my favorite.

There were many items on display however, this year, I did notice that vendors were a little short changed on gifts and were issuing gift certificates to be redeemed at a later date. Hmmm…a little piece of paper was not what I had in mind. Albeit, I can enjoy later. I spent quite a bit of time filling out my mailing address to receive a promised gift. Last time, there was not such a wait time. Everyone received their gifts lickety split on the spot. Like most women, when I want something, I want it now. I think TV icon Victoria Principal understood this principle and used this in her campaign pitch for The Principal Secret, as I recall.

There was wonderful entertainment throughout until management had to shut down the entertainment because of a noise factor and music artist Trueful and his dancers who were set to perform, had to wait for the DJ to strike the music area, and move equipment inside. But the wait was well worth it. Comedienne Annie “McFunny” McKnight took the mic and in her humorous lighthearted and fun way introduced Trueful who shut it down with his dancers D. Valentine and Jazzy. All during their performance loud screams were heard throughout the venue because they were absolutely electrifying. Choreography and music were in perfect syncopated rhythm and the dancers made strong bold dance moves, at one point leaping into the air. Oh, it was magnifique. They were so on point. Earlier Trueful posed for a pic with iconic music artist Tito Jackson, perhaps some of that Jackson magic rubbed off on Trueful.

A huge main attraction was Tito Jackson. Honestly, the man did not get any rest from the time he arrived. Everyone and I mean everyone, including yours truly wanted a photo opp with him. Those Jacksons are magical. I noticed that Jackson never tired and never shortchanged anyone of a smile. He was absolutely charming. Did you know that a smile is a gift?

“Mrs. Parker, former “Barker’s Beauty” Kathleen Bradley, generated quite a bit of attention from the minute her pretty feet stepped out of her car. Donald “The Don” was there to pop the lovely actress and model and I might add, a great humanitarian. Also, don’t let her beauty intimidate you, Kathleen Bradley or “Kat” as her close friends call her, has a funny bone that won’t quit and she can keep you in stitches. Hers is a lasting beauty that will never fade because she is beautiful inside and out.

Actress Suzette Tomlinson with a kittenish frisky personality was enjoying some of the day’s exotic tropical elixirs. We sat and chatted a little girl talk and later posed with Tito. Meow.

Young comedienne Jennifer Tarpiero an energetic Jersey girl was busy networking and posing. She made a striking fashion statement with her hot pink Fedora a top of her long beautiful thick Italian tresses while “Miss Styles” Krystal French, one of Hollywood’s fresh new fashionista faces wore a striking red hot/orange trench coat.

Before leaving, highly respected actor Ernie Hudson stopped to chat to catch up on family news. He told me that on a trip to Asia, some fans calling him “Half Dead” hailed him at. You may recall Ernie played a monstrous villain (Half Dead) in Jamaa Fanaka’s Penitentiary II and I was the victim. This was long before his Ghostbuster’s fame. Who knew that film (Pen II) would have a cult following that includes Quentin Tarantino!!!!

I looked down at my diamond encrusted Rolex watch given to me by my son (well it’s almost a Rolex if you glance at it really fast) and it was time to depart and head back to the real world. Heard that my good friend and colleague, Buddy Sampson, publisher of The Scoop LA showed up later in the day.

Adieu mes amis au Beverly Hills Country Club. Merci, bisou, bisou. So glad I was invited. I’ll be sure to redeem my gift certificates, pronto!!! – Kleo out!

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at kleopatragirl117@hotmail.com

For more on Aesthetics Everything log on to www.aestheticseverything.com

Gifts included: Tasty Clouds cotton candy; Shangri Lara Design flip flops, Mixed Chicks hair products, Become beauty products and facial certificate; eye lift and soothing lift treatment certificate from Board Certified plastic Surgeon Jon M. Grazer; Moist personal lubricants; Design by Winifred chocolates and more.

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(Left to right, Suzette Tomlinson, Tito Jackson and Eugenia Wright) Photo by: Donald Carraway



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