Bob Newhart Honored For 50 Years in Comedy

News — By on May 23, 2010 at 6:08 pm
Tim Conway(L) with Bob Newhart. AP Photo

Tuesday was a memorable night for comedy fans who joined the honorary celebration at the Academy of Television and Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood for living comedy legend, Bob Newhart.  The man who traded in his career as a Chicago accountant for a roll of the dice in Hollywood as a stand up comedian, has been a success for fifty years and still enjoys making people laugh.

Newhart was praised by friends and admirers in show business and reminisced of his achievements and years of glory in entertainment. Newhart has had two television shows named after him and has won Grammy’s for best performer and best new artist, defeating Frank Sinatra and Harry Bellafonte. In 1961, comedy’s category was called “spoken word”.

Newhart, is a television icon and producer, best known for his hit TV series, “The Bob Newhart Show.”


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