NAMM 2018- Looking for Our Bass Fix

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Cover photo- NAMM 2018. Inside photo- Legendary Bassist in a rehearsal preparing children to sing.

Anaheim, CA- The NAMM Music Festival always has its share of innovation, celebrities and most of all, music everywhere- from the events and bands playing at the booths at the Anaheim Convention Center; from the Marriott, The Hilton and the outdoor stages; and to the remote locations where many of the bands are performing in nearby cities, like Fullerton. But as a journalist and bass player, myself, I wondered “where can I find bass? Where can I get my bass fix?”

Electronauts virtual display.

Electronauts virtual display.

I attended Media Day and saw some outstanding technical innovations, like Electronauts, which will be available on Steam, Opulous and PlayStation VR. I was amazed at what can be done with visual and musical effects. It’ll be the wave of the future. I looked all around the Media exhibit and was disappointed that there wasn’t one bass at the media event or not much with bass players in mind. How very disappointing. Well, except an effects pedal booth. Cory Juba, a guitarist, was playing with drummer Jule Salazar and told me about Earthquake pedals, from Ohio which included a synth pedal that can be used for bass. He also told me about their Spacial Delivery pedals, which have a neat envelope filter to give a wah wah sound for bass. But there was no bass there, I would have jammed with those guys.

Megan Slankard

Megan Slankard.

I saw a terrific singer and guitarist perform, Megan Slankard, who represented Bose Speakers. “As a touring artist I feel like this speaker was invented for me personally.” She referred me to a Bose guy, who told me about their L1 systems, small speakers made for bass. My anxiety about the lack of bass, started to subside. “Well personally, I feel like everyone secretly wants to be a bass player,” laughed Megan when I made a remark at the lack of basses and bass technology. Visit her website at Her sympathy for me and my bass anxiety was appreciated. She has a new fan.

Guitar by Martin & Co.

Guitar by Martin & Co.

Products there were Yudo, Martin & Co, 64 Audio, LD Systems, that had an amazing column PA system, adam hall, Universal Audio, and many more. But I didn’t get my bass fix.

Slightly disappointed, I had high hopes for Saturday. And Saturday didn’t disappoint.  My insecurity about no bass at the Wednesday Media event was completely wiped out. Saturday at NAMM was all about that bass. With legendary bassist Bootsy Collins at NAMM it had to be about the bass. Although Collins didn’t play, it was still good to see him. But more on that in a few.

Dave Johns-min

Dave Johns. Visit his website at

I heard what sounded like a record and I was startled to realize that it was a live performance. I heard this monster bassist named Doug Johns. I was completely blown away. His tone was amazing, and he was using a Gentzer amp, the product he was promoting. Visit his website at to learn more about this amazing artist.


Adia. A sensational violinist.

I had a chance to sit down with a tremendous electric violinist and vocalist from Chicago, Adia, who has a couple of projects, Electric 5, (, and Adia & The 7 Eyes( The amazing violinist performed at the Mark Wood Violins Booth. But what makes Mark Wood Electric violins special? “Basically, it’s the tone you can create with their electric violins,” said Adia. “Electric violins can become very whiny when you use a lot of electronics, but they (Mark Wood Violins) give warmth and a full tone to the instrument.” Her instrument is a custom-made instrument. Visit her websites above for more about this exciting artist. Not the bass, but pretty doggone good.

The B Girls, Guitar Sallye and Tamah.

The B Girls, Guitar Sallye and Tamah with Scoop LA Publisher Buddy Sampson.

Kids Preparing-min

The children prepare to sing.

I got to hang with my buddies The B Girls Tamah the bass player and Sallye, Guitar Sallye on the guitar (well what else?) at the John Lennon Bus. Tamah is all about that bass and was killing it on a song they did with a group of young children, who perhaps stole the show on the outdoor stage that evening. I was able to sneak in a rehearsal that Bootsy did with the children before the show, and I was super impressed by his patience and his love towards the children. On stage, Bootsy came out in a gold outfit and gold top hat and along with a great song with the kids “Together We Can,” and the B Girls, he did a giveaway with a competition to win a bass and guitar. Most of the competitors were good, but Sarah Corza of the group Vice Versa and Patricia, an older gentleman perhaps from Italy, were the best of the bunch. It was fun to watch them compete. Closing the show was Andy Grammer, who did his hit, “Keep Your Head Up,” an inspirational song. I loved his opening songs. He was terrific. With my bass fix fully taken care of, I left NAMM 2018 fully sated. Special thanks to NAMM Publicity.

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