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Cover and Inside photo- Debbie Shuman Espinoza

Cover and Inside photo- Debbie Shuman Espinoza

Wakening Her Worth- All the Way to Redemption

Debbie Shuman Espinoza has been through the depths of life’s experiences as no one has. Her story is one of triumph, of excelling despite past travails, travails that may have led most people to failure. Her book, “Wakening Your Worth,” defines the spirit of a person that overcame the odds and naysayers, all the way to a middle class, fruitful and inspiring lifestyle.

Debbie, unfortunately, has a story that has become all too common in parts of the world, the story of a lady that had the misfortune of abandonment at a young age, raised by a father that played both mother and father. “My mother left me on a street corner when I was 4,” said Debbie, “so I knew what abandonment felt like.”  Originally from Tampa Bay, Florida, Debbie spent the first years of her childhood in Santa Monica, moved to Canoga Park, California and landed in Palmdale, California.

At the age of 12, Debbie fell into the wrong crowd and began using drugs. “I was an addict for over 35 years,” said Debbie Shuman Espinoza. “I once ODed on Quaaludes,” she said.  She had abandonment issues and often found herself in a principal or teachers’ office, a result of acting out. Her father, Buddy, also a former drug addict, had issues of his own at the time, and eventually, after a fight, kicked her out of the house. She was forced to live on her own, in junior high and high school. “When I was in high school, I lived with a lot of my friends and their families,” she said about her dad and her young, teenage, rebellious years. “He tried, and I know he loved me, but he was going through his own stuff, and then by the time I was old enough, he just couldn’t control me, because I couldn’t control me.”  She later found a job, and got an apartment at 17.

Later in her life, when she lost her second husband, who died of causes related to leukemia, Debbie went into a downward spiral. The spiral led her to a stronger bout with drugs and crime, which ultimately led to a one-year prison sentence. “I spent a year in prison,” she painfully reflected, “and my kids went to live with a neighbor, who I had really just met, and that devastated me, knowing the pain that they were going through.” During her stint in prison, she saw things that were completely stunning. “They had this thing with combination locks, they would put those in socks and beat people in the face with them,” she said of the some of the horrors she observed in prison. “The guards turn away, they don’t care.” She even had to share a cell with the worst of people. “A person I shared a bunk with was serving a life sentence for murder,” she said.

While in prison, she got involved in spirituality. “I got on my knees and said ‘God, please take this addiction away from me’ and from that day forward, I’ve never had a craving, nothing,” said Debbie. She left prison, lived with her sister, but was semi-homeless and lived in a tent. “But I had it decked out,” she laughed. “I had Direct TV come out and hook up TV for me.”

Debbie Shuman Espinoza has a book that's released today, Saturday, December 9th on

Debbie Shuman Espinoza has a book that’s released today, Saturday, December 9th on

But prison taught her lessons; life lessons that moved her beyond her past. “In six years, I’ve come from being on the Greyhound bus, leaving prison, to now being clean and sober for seven years, writing a book, creating programs and just totally changing my life,” said Debbie. “I really want people to know that that’s possible, learning to forgive yourself and how to forgive others.”

Along her sojourn to sobriety, Debbie landed in the Bahamas, on the island of Bimini, where she meditated and learned ways of coping with all the misfortunes of her past.  “Through that, I have found all the processes that have worked for me, and learned how to work with your higher self.”

Visit her website at

Visit her website at

Debbie Shuman Espinoza’s book, “Wakening Your Worth,” is available today, Saturday December 9th, 2017 on This book by Debbie, an inspirational figure, known as the Worthiness Warrior, is for those of you that want to be inspired and encouraged and have a similar journey.  This book will offer keys to rebuilding your life. “I want people to know that you can absolutely change your life, “said Debbie. Debbie Shuman Espinoza’s book is a story of transformation, from drug addict to inspirational figure. Visit her website at, to know more about this dynamic lady. Debbie Shuman Espinoza has wakened her worth, all the way to complete and total redemption. For that reason, Debbie Shuman Espinoza is one of the People You Should Know.



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